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Dream: May Day! May Day! Places Everyone! Urgent! Impending Disaster! – Pollox

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Dream: May Day! May Day! Places Everyone! Urgent! Impending Disaster!

February 8, 2024 8^05 AM

February 7, 2024

I was in a public square during the mid-day, in a city-center. It must be have been in Europe as I have never seen such a large public area, in a North American city or town. All sides of the open square space, were of equal length with shops on the street level with living quarters above in six stories as they rose-up into steep roofs. The length of the four sides of the square were also in a measure of six.

Suspended in the air over the square was a huge black mountain like object of asteroid motionless, just hanging there. It was black, dense, metallic, evil and pitted like the moon, with craters. It was impending disaster, ready to fall and destroy everything in the tidy, organized peaceful city or town. I saw no one in the town at all, like the Remnant which is also scarce. I started jumping up trying to smash it (Pray It Away) No Dice, it could not be moved, and it was just beyond me reach. But Close! Tired out, I retired out to the edge of the square and sat down facing the monster object, in a chair, exhausted. Some one came up to me without speaking and put a turned up chairs right up to my knees, so I could not get up (Read Coming Persecution).


Later the same day, I heard “Write It Up,” when I recalled the dream again.


Straightforward. Somethings Very Close! Do What The Holy Spirit Tells You To Do! NOW! Do Not Doubt! Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow! It May Be Too Late! Regret Is The Enemies Tool! I Am Busy As An Ant Who Is Awaiting The Beginning Of Winter Myself!

Note: Although this dream seems to indicate Europe, my gut says this affects the whole world. So do no put off what you need to do any longer.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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