Dream: Mass Evacuations! – Paul Sudeep Kavery

Bt Paul Sudeep Kavery

March 19, 2018

Dream: Mass Evacuations!

The dream itself began with me waking up from sleep, and I saw the time on my clock, it was 4:44am.

As I am still in the dream, I was woken up by a thundering sound of a giant bomb going off in a nearby place, so I rushed downstairs to see what happened, I saw there was fire everywhere, and loud shouts of cry from people. My heart raced and panicked in anticipation of the scenario.

In the same dream I saw the next day, mass evacuations had begun in most of the cities. A nation wide mass panic had begun and the leaders of that place had warned people of an imminent nuclear strike in an hour or so. That was it. I felt this message being echoed in my ears. GAME OVER EARTH.

P.S. First I had this dream and vision about 5 yrs ago, back then I ignored it, because if I revealed this to anyone they will think I am crazy, but over a period of time, I am seeing the same dream in parts and pieces conveying the same message.


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