Dream, Martial Law, The Mark

Dream: Martial Law, NWO Soldiers, Mark of Beast, Red Skies – Darren Mc Clinton

Darren Mc Clinton

May 3, 2017 9:58am

Woke up from an awful Martial Law dream about an hour ago. Right here in the U.S. me and others were being chased down by NWO soldiers trying to imprison us and to take the Mark of the Beast. These soldiers were so unbelievably ruthless it wasn’t funny. They would see kids on the street who looked under the age of 8 man handling them while picking them up to put them in the jeeps to be imprisoned. The crazy thing is also the sky was badly overcast, dark, and red like where it made the atmosphere and everything else buildings and streets etc. appear with red gloom of reflection! It was awful but I believe this was just a cutened up kiddie version of what the Great Tribulation will be like and it will be a quadrillion times worse than this.


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