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Dream: Mark of the Beast Enforced in Healthcare – Trinidad Warrior777

Trinidad Warrior777

I Had a horrible nightmare similar nearly a year ago 2017. In this Dream the mark of the Beast was enforced in healthcare.

My husband works as a Nurse and I was an aide at the time. In this dream I saw many aides and Nurses taking the implant in their right hands as well as some in their foreheads. You could see the insertion that left a small bloody scrape mark. I then saw my husband enter our home and I noticed the mark on his forehead.

His eyes looked blank , no expression, he wouldn’t respond to his name or anything I said.

But at that moment it was as if I could hear his thoughts.

There was no longer humanity in him and all he focused on was to kill us all ;but not instantly.

His goal was out to torture, to cannibalize me and our child. And whoever did not bear the mark.

Then this urgent inner voice spoke and said” When you see this take place; Take your daughter and run. “

I was planning to grab a backpack i had set aside for provision but the voice urged me to just run for even taking a moment to turn around would mean a horrific demise.

So we ran together as fast as our legs would carry us.

Down the roads ahead I saw many people with marks. They appeared to emanate a strange glow where their marks were placed.

Some were red others were green. A man then approached me and i was afraid because he too shared a mark on his hand. There were indeed boils on him but not as severe as some of the others who screamed in the distance. He said to me” Look I’m ok i tore it out. I don’t have it anymore i ripped it our of my hand.” I saw him scratching at the wound where the mark had been.

But then the scene changed and I saw people in front of computers inside what appeared to be a huge lab or Network facility. There was a red button on the screen that said “Active! and a green which said”Inactive. Then the red light of the activation flashed on the screen and the man in front of me began to change; his eyes turned Jet black , demonic.His appearance was almost Zombielike ;he became enraged.

He lunged towards me with inhuman speed. I screamed “Lord Jesus help us!” In an instant i felt a pull as if someone pushed me back and the man in front of me was jolted far away from us. I then ran towards a metal fence . i climbed it and was able to escape with my daughter cradled in my arms. when i woke I cried. It was the most horrific thing i ever dreamt yet….I pray its not a scene we will live to see. But in my spirit i feel I will remain long enough to be on the run for some time. It scares me so…Please take this to the lord and reassure yourselves of what this can mean for us all.


Your sister in Christ

Trinidad Warrior777


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