Dream: Marine Embassy Protester Shooting – Immanuel Acree


Dream: Marine Embassy Protester Shooting

June 23, 2022 1:18 PM
Immanuel Acree

June 23 2022

In this dream I think someone was showing me a video on social media. I clicked on it not knowing how it was going to be. Immediately I saw that some protesters, not a crowd, who appeared to be a white female and a white male, had been shot and the blood made me assume that it was going to be lethal.

Then I understood how it happened: The woman was close but keeping her “safe” distance about 10 meters away from the two US Marine guards as she chanted or yelled at them. The man was at first hidden around the corner, behind the woman, but he emerged rapidly and rushed the Marine. This Marine was extremely vigilant and drew his pistol and quickly shot the man. The bullets seem to have gone through or past the man and hit the woman as well.

Nearby there were many people in buildings that appeared to be government. They were covered in red surfaces, probably red carpet and red painted walls etc. So this felt to me like a communist government district. As the shooting happened I saw that people of all sorts were dropping to the floor afraid that it was a mass shooter.

End of Dream.


Second dream June 23 2022

I was in a dark area of a city, probably in Japan. I met a Japanese man. I was going to exchange contact information with him but instead of listening for my number he sent me a text message immediately. So he did not need anything at all; he had access to vast networks of personal information and could look me up using some kind of “Skynet”. He was a member of Yakuza (Japanese Mafia).

End of Dream



The Marine embassy shooting dream appears to be predictive. It appears to be in a place similar to China. I do not know if we can pray for this tragedy to be averted.

The Yakuza dream only shows that many such mobsters have deep access to all kinds of power and military-scale networks.

This is all I have on these dreams for now.

Immanuel Acree

June 23 2022

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