Dream: Lady Gaga and Satan performing a bizarre ritual, releasing deadly plauge worse then the black plauge – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

March 30, 2018

I had a horrible dream last night and it wasn’t scary but it was horrible. I had a dream where I saw the high priestess Satan herself and Lady Gaga in a few other people I didn’t know creating the most bizarre ritual. They were dressed in red and some in black. Releasing spirits and demons that would plague people faster than the Black Plague. There was this guy laying down in what appears to be a star pentagram drawn on a wooden floor and they were circling him Conjuring something. I don’t know what it was but it doesn’t boast well and I didn’t see who it was. They didn’t notice me there, I walked away and I saw my father laying down on the bed and I’m like get out of the floor things are about to go down here. As we moved to the other side of the wall I saw this metal object cross this guy killing him instantaneously. This is indication of something is about to happen


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