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Dream: Invasion of United States – Isabella Bella

Isabella Bella

Sunday April 1, 2018
Dream: Invasion of United States

All coastal cities attacked at once…millions die…cities..burned..bombed m…. armies m..upon armies….invading !!!!

News reporting everything’s ok….while the injured..soldiers send crypted messages to inland cities….lock and load..millions dead..cities burning…news is liars. We’re being invaded…attacked ..lock and load….pare and repent..and prepare to fight !!!

Get right with God now…many will die instantly..unawares.. and perish forever….Satan doesn’t want u to know…or prepare !!!!

Invasion !!!!! Days away !!!!!!! Warn my ppl !!!! Warn my children now !!!!

Invasion planning now….invasion USA !!!! The whole USA !!!!! Entire coastal areas and Canada borders …all borders…!!!! Invasion !!!!!!!

Don’t know how many days….but it’s close….!!!


444News Note: reguardless of the days away timeframe. Many have seen this event happen in dreams in visions. Even if it dont occur within “days” its only a matter of time.

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