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Dream Interpretation: CRYPTIC DREAM by Just a Messenger! – Humbled for Service

Dream Interpretation: CRYPTIC DREAM by Just a Messenger!

Oct 20, 2019, 4:04 PM
Humbled for Service


Blessed be the Name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His (Daniel 2: 20)

Dream interpretation and the deciphering of mysteries is a gift that I received on the 31st August 2014, after being laid on hands by an elder. In the past I have been able to solve what were otherwise difficult dreams and mysteries because of this spiritual gift. I would fail the body of Christ if I did not attempt to give its interpretation.

The dream in question has been posted on the 444 prophecy News website on the 17th October 2019, and the reader is asked to refer to it first.

The dream and its interpretation is a very important message from the Lord about preparation and readiness for the Rapture, the imminent taking away of the holy Church of Christ.

This is what I believe to be the meaning of this dream, to the best of my ability:-

1. It Was Night Time Outside

The night time represents the spiritual darkness that has fallen upon the world. The world has progressively pushed God’s ways away and accepted evil. What was previously abominable is now considered “Okay”. Mankind is now comfortably living with the issues of abortion, homosexuality and other sins that were once considered abominable. Sexual immorality is also very high now and divorce, which the Lord says He hates, is now commonplace. Corruption, social and legal injustices are now also commonplace in many countries. These and other conditions of the world right now are what are symbolized as the “Darkness of Nighttime”.

2. You Were In The Backseat Of A Car

Cars or vehicles in God-given dreams represent ministries, activities that are geared towards salvation of souls and the feeding of the flock of the Lord. So the car you are in represents a small church you are involved in, a Bible-study group, or other service for the Lord, that you attend or are involved in. The small car means that it is not a large ministry, but rather a smaller one and this is why you see a smaller vehicle, rather than a larger one.

Being seated backseat means that you do not take an active role in that ministry. It means that you are not making any significant contribution there. Perhaps it’s a church that you attend regularly, but you do not participate actively in its activities.

3. Your Child And The Other Children

In this particular dream, I believe the children represent the spiritual condition of yourself and those that you see. Your son is a toddler, meaning that you have not grown spiritually. The child is asleep meaning that you are spiritually asleep. This means that your spiritual man is not being nourished regularly by reading the word of God and with prayer. And that you are not watching and waiting upon the Lord. And perhaps you are not fully aware of the times we are in as we will see below.

4. Not Interested To Go Out / Wanting To Stretch The Legs

This means that you are sitting on the fence line. The temptations of the world are beckoning you and you are beginning to respond. But yet again you have some strength and wisdom to remain within God’s shelter.

5. Biggest / Brightest Full Moon / 144,000 / Man-Child

This is the rapture event that the Lord is showing you, which is about to happen. But you are not on the moon, which means you have been left behind.


I believe that this is a warning dream. The Lord desires spiritual growth and maturity for one to become His Bride. We must be completely sold out to Him now, and not considering succumbing to any form of temptation. The Lord is also desiring for us to be in His service, in one form of ministry or other.

Since the Lord is showing you this, it means that there is a chance to correct and to make the effort to please Him, so as to make the Rapture of the Church.

An important dream for us all to be involved in one form or other in serving the Lord actively.

Be blessed!

From Nairobi, Kenya.

Your brother in Christ, William


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