Dream, War

Dream: I Saw War! – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

Last night I saw war!

As I’ve seen in other dreams, people were living their daily lives and across the media, social media, television and radio you could hear that the war rhetoric was ramping up.
I was with 2 men a bit younger than me, who I did not know.
Even though these DIRE WARNINGS were being issued, we saw people partying, drinking, and living it up.

I saw homes where the warnings were being broadcast, and restaurants were they were issuing warnings and telling of the rising tensions, yet no one seemed to be paying attention.

It was if they didn’t have a care in the world and even though myself and a few others were warning, they ignored it and said “They have been saying these things for quite some time, it will be fine!”

Still, feverishly we WARNED but no one seemed to care or to listen!

Then, in the middle of a sunlit day, I begin to hear a roar, it got louder and louder and louder!!
I then looked up into the sky and there were Missiles beyond what I could count!!
In a second of time, a beautiful bright day turned into abject DARKNESS !!

I could hear and see the explosions!
I remember running up to a mountain and looking down upon towns and cities and even rural areas and seeing them entirely decimated!!

What had been a society that had mocked, made fun of and scoffed the warnings, …had now become a nation of people running in fear for their very lives.

From what I saw, there were great casualties.
I and the 2 men with me, would go into any dwelling where there was people and tell them of the danger and tell them to repent.
To our dismay, many still would not take time to repent.
They were looking to hide and save their lives!
Although all these Missiles were exploding all around us, I do not recall us being harmed in any way.

One of the more troubling things I saw was that we ran into what appeared to be a college.
The students and the faculty were going about business AS USUAL!!

Even though the EXPLOSIONS we hitting all around them they carried their books through the halls as if nothing was happening!

We WARNED!!!!!
Time and AGAIN!!
Then we noticed that the building around us, the College itself behind to crumble and fall and WE WARNED!
Yet still the students and professors and faculty strolled around totally ignoring the absolute destruction and carnage all around as if nothing was HAPPENING!
I looked into the eyes of the students as they walked through the halls and there was a dead and unconcerned look in their eyes!

It was as if they KNEW what they were going to do and nothing was going to stop them from doing what they wanted to do!
It was heartbreaking!

Then one of the men grabbed my arm and said, “Marty we are done here, it’s time to go!!”
We walked outside and although complete chaos and mayhem and destruction ensued everywhere, in the very midst of this, we ran to people to tell them turn to the Lord while they still had time!!!
Some listened and came broken but sadly the vast majority STILL would not bend their knee!!

I awoke!…..
Important addendum!
I forgot to add this, but for those of you who have heard my testimony you will recall the HUGE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS….
I awoke , looked at the clock and it was “2:13am”!!!!!


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