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Dream: “I saw a humongous planet” – Marie Cruz

Marie Cruz

March 24, 2019 1:54 AM

just had a dream this morning its so real, planet colored blue

(size just like the first picture)

just entered our skies, just above my head like a giant dark navy blue ball.

then I saw on the horizon the sun turning blue on one side and red on the other, the underside of the planet has a suction like mouth, then american soldiers go from house to house warning people not to get out of the house and to cover the windows with cloth that they are giving. I was asking what is the effect of the planet they dont know they said, I was asking if they have an N95 mask they said they dont have. they were about to leave when I saw a humongous planet

(the size of the halo below)

going up on the northeastern sky so they went back to the house and shut the door. then I saw the soldier who were immediately under planet lying on the road dead.then I saw the sun setting which looks exactly like the picture of the sun below with a rainbow halo.

Note: the halo we see in so many post is not a halo but a planet with a mouth in its underside that is the light in the middle of what we think is a halo,.

All pictures are from post

used with permission of Marie Cruz

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