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Dream I received about the USA – Exposing the Darkness

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Dream I received about the USA

December 27, 2022 11:41 AM
Exposing the Darkness

On December 26, 2022 at approximately 9:18 p.m., I thought that I was anticipating a dream about the future in the United States of America to share with others and it may be disturbing. I even wrote this anticipation in a notebook with a time and date stamp, so if I received this dream, I would have a recorded time and date of anticipation.

I have dreams occasionally that I believe are from the Lord, but these have generally been for personal circumstances. He has been showing me “Freely you have received; Freely give” (Matthew 10:8). I believed that if I was given this dream, I was to be faithful and release it publicly, along with sharing the circumstances of the dream’s anticipation.

When praying about the anticipation of the dream, I said to the Lord that I would like to see what WILL happen. Not something that will happen only if certain choices are made or the thought process of maybe we can pray it away (just being honest with what I prayed). But I wanted to see what IS going to happen here.

I woke up on December 27, 2022 with a dream and vision that was disturbing. I prayed that it was not literal, but a metaphor. As I wrote down what stood out to me, I thought I must be careful to not add or take away.

I was in a group of people being chased through a mansion/castle-like structure of a financially wealthy family (Rothschild-type wealth) who literally wanted to eat us. The mansion seemed to have many antiques.

The financially wealthy people were afraid of the power of God, but tried using everything in their power to make us lose faith. We kept praying to be hedged in and protected. In the beginning of the dream, I believe we were outside the mansion. It was dark and we were hiding amidst the hedges. We ended up inside the mansion, and saw some women who were not part of my core group, get captured and eaten. One of the women was a Meryl Streep type looking blonde who was skinned and killed to be eaten. The back of her body was left hanging on a back of a door for us to see. Her remains still had the long blonde hair, and the Renaissance-type dress she had been wearing. I do not remember feeling close to her, as though she was part of my particular group.

The main evil characters in the mansion: One man in particular. We saw his bedroom/living quarters part of the mansion, but never actually saw him.

The cooks. The cooks wore white and appeared innocent, even friendly. However, we later realized they were trying to capture us for the dinner party. The cooks were in on the plans, and they were the ones who brought us to the mansion, where we continually hid, ran, and prayed. Once we realized the cooks were in on it, we could clearly see their blood-stained, white aprons.

One particular highlighted cook: She may have been the one to initially capture us. She was chubby; wore white; appeared friendly and innocent. But it became clear that she was in charge of the other cooks who performed the duties of killing and serving us. As a visual, her appearance reminded me of the character Edna Garrett from the old television show, Facts of Life.

The dining hall: The man had parties with wealthy guests. We were able to see one party that looked as though it was in a very brightly lit, white dining hall. The dining hall was devoid of any other color. There were many long, rectangular tables and the guests wore the best refinery. It was extremely creepy as the cooks were trying to capture one of the women to be eaten, while all of the guests watched. The guests showed no emotion. This was just something they did.

ABRUPT cut from dream. I started waking and saw a vision in my still not fully awake state. I was supposed to look at what I saw and write it down.

I saw a white girl with what I perceived to be blonde hair (although covered by a swim cap); I believed her to be a blue-eyed blonde with a slight tan. She appeared to be 10 – 11 years old. She wore a one-piece modest bathing suit that was a dark blood red (black and red mixed color). She was barefoot. She was a bit chubby. I was supposed to look at the expression on her face. She didn’t appear smiling happy, but she did not appear sad either. Just sort of “hanging out,” I suppose. Her image looked like a cover of the Saturday Evening Post. However, there was a noose above her and behind her, so she didn’t see it.

Thoughts as I saw her: All-American girl with her blonde hair/blue eyes/slight tan. Represents the U.S.

She was a bit chubby, and when I saw the noose coming down for her neck, I thought she was being fattened for the slaughter.

The modest one-piece bathing suit and swimming cap looked somewhat 1950’s. I questioned if that was when the plan was hatched.

Wanted to check symbols of the red/black color of her suit (deep, blood-red color); barefoot; and head covered.

Her image could have been a Norman Rockwell painting on a 1950’s cover of the Saturday Evening Post, except for the noose.

I looked up the scriptural symbolism of barefoot and found: To go barefoot was a sign of great distress ( Isaiah 20:2 Isaiah 20:3 Isaiah 20:4 ), or of some great calamity having fallen on a person ( 2 Samuel 15:30 ).

2 Sam 15:30 (Both barefoot and head covered):

And David went up by the ascent of mount Olivet, and wept as he went up, and had his head covered, and he went barefoot: and all the people that was with him covered every man his head, and they went up, weeping as they went up.

My thoughts on the dream as I was writing everything down: The cooks – malicious intent; but wearing white. Deception. The main cook was chubby and friendly appearing, but was clearly in charge of deceiving us in order to capture us. Basically a nondescript middle aged woman.

I immediately thought of the alternative media shills and movements that are happening; although this dream seems to indicate there is a leader in charge of our capture; and in charge of other cooks, who takes orders from the one particular man in the house.

The woman wearing a Renaissance looking dress who was killed – Renaissance meaning a rebirth or revival

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