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Dream: I heard a voice very clearly say, “Obama is the antichrist.” – Lydia Hodge

I heard a voice very clearly say, “Obama is the antichrist.” – Lydia Hodge

June 20, 2017

A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was discussing end time events with my coworkers. One of them said, “Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist.”
I proceeded to tell her that he certainly fit the description and there were many people on the Internet who believed he was the one spoken of in scriptures, but God had not yet given me that revelation.

This dream revealed what my state of mind has been for the past few years after noticing that many people were claiming to have the revelation that Obama was the antichrist. In fact, there were so many that I really felt I couldn’t ignore it. So I began to pray and seek God; not in a sense of urgency, but trusting if it were so, that He would reveal it in His time. There have been hints and promptings along the way, but nothing I could put my finger on and say, ” That’s it.”

After this latest dream, I wondered if maybe I wasn’t accepting what God was revealing. There are some revelations we don’t want to be true. We had rather be wrong. It would be easier to be labeled crazy than to accept the revelation because it necessitates a realization that unless the Lord calls you home, you are about to walk through the most difficult time in human history. So, my prayers changed to asking God to reveal if Obama was the antichrist in a way which would leave no doubt that He was speaking.

This week, I had a dream within a dream. As I dreamed I heard a voice very clearly say, “Obama is the antichrist.”

Then again a second time I heard the same voice say, “Obama is the antichrist.”

Then a third time I heard the same voice, but the tone was different. The tone was stern and emphatic and it said, “Obama is the antichrist.”

I awoke from this portion of the dream, but I continued to dream. In the remainder of the dream I was aware that I had heard the voice and I was asking people if they believed Obama was the antichrist. I was also trying to calculate how much time we had left based on his age. Then I awoke for real and realized I had been dreaming.

As I thought about what the voice said, I had a vision. It wasn’t an open vision, but a mental image. I saw Obama’s right hand and there was a garment that extended down his arm and stopped at his wrist. The garment was a white robe much like the robes a clergyman would wear. Further up the sleeve, there was a black and gold design. I don’t know if it was part of the sleeve, a sash or a stole. I have always envisioned Obama wearing a business suit, but the Lord impressed upon my heart that he will be clothed in a robe when he is declared to be God and establishes his throne in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. ( 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 ) All will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. (Revelation 13:8)

I believe the Lord spoke to me three times concerning this revelation to get my attention and to emphasize that it really was Him speaking. I searched the scriptures for confirmation and I was led to the Apostle Peter in the book of Acts. Peter had a vision of a vessel filled with unclean animals descending out of heaven to him and he heard a voice saying, “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.” He heard this repeated three times as God was revealing to him that he had granted to the gentiles repentance unto life. (Acts 10:5-18)

I believe this example in scripture shows God will sometimes repeat Himself to get our attention and to emphasize that a message really came from Him, especially when we might have a hard time receiving the revelation otherwise.

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  1. Ronda

    O is in my top three that I’m watching, there are 4 others I am looking at.What you are saying is quite compelling. Thank you.

  2. Mary Blankenship

    The Holy Spirit has led me over and over to Scripture, the book he wrote on his life story,Vision, etc to show me Obama is the antichrist…so much information that I started a Word Document to keep track with everything. Within past week, He just showed me something else to connect him to be the antichrist….Vincent Weinand put out that there are 12 gates to hell and Hawaii is one of them and then, he shared a video of a demon jumping up out of the lave going into the ocean…so…this got my mind churning and look what the Holy Spirit showed me “It was a passing thought, but I wondered if the association with obama & Hawaii has anything to do with why it’s burning up from the volcano lava now and how close we are to the end . .. so I did a little digging and you won’t believe what I found. First, I googled if obama is from Hawaii and got this:

    “Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the only President who was born in Hawaii and the only President who was born outside of the contiguous 48 states. … The couple married in Wailuku, Hawaii on February 2, 1961, six months before Obama was born.”

    NEXT, I googled “What are the most earthquakes Hawaii has had, since the volcano erupted” This was the first link in response to that: “May 13, 2018 – The latest on Hawaii Kilauea volcano eruption. … President Donald Trump declared the volcanic explosion a major disaster on May 8, … The lava spilling from the eruptions has destroyed at least 26 homes and a number of … The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded 1,301 earthquakes on the Island of …” NEXT …I pulled up 1,301 in Strong’s Concordance and got this:

    Strong’s Concordance. Baraq: “flash of lightning,” an Israelite leader. Original Word: בָּרָק. Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine Transliteration: Baraq


    Luke 10:18 “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”
    I have been led to information after information that obama is the antichrist and this is just more proof

    I ran across this about obama,too ” Barack the Barbarian – Wikipedia
    Barack the Barbarian is a comic book series published by “DEVIL’S DUE PUBLISHING” beginning in June 2009. It was written by Larry Hama, with art by Christopher Schons. Barack the Barbarian originally appeared in a four-issue mini-series. The story features the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama as …” Coincidence? I think not…”

    • Margi Coulson

      Hi. This is exciting. I live in Hawaii. Don’t know if coincidence or not or maybe it’s just my imagination. Vincent Weinhard shared a post about the 12 gates of hell & Hawaii was one of them plus showed a demonic head poping out of the volcano. Had a hard day & read it late that night but when I saw the demonic head, immediately thought it was Barack Obama”s head & face from a sidewise view. Have seen his head & face in posts about him & his tenure & speeches from that sideways view of head & face. His bone structure of head & face looked exactly alike. Mentioned to him. He must have though I was crazy. Tired, I never said or posted amything more. Your information is correct & right on about him. I too felt there was a cinnection, but thought it was just coincidence. Thought I would share it if it would help further this very interesting spiritual event w/the volcano & possible connection w/Barack Obama. Will have to go to read more in detail about the 12 gates of hell. God bless you real good. Take care in His love.

  3. Daniel


    REVELATION 13:18

    ” Here is WISDOM” Let him that hath understanding count ” ( calculate ) the number of the ” BEAST ” for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666 ”

    PLEASE remember the above verse here real important throughout this post ESPECIALLY wisdom and count/calculate and BEAST…..Beast standing for beasts of the field which also means…YES…NEGROES! I will provide proof and link later at end of post

    The day Obama took the oath of office the Illinois state three pick three lotto was 666…search engine

    That same lotto ticket was drawn on the Chicago zip code area were Obama resided and was the senator 60606…search engine


    6+6+6= 18….. there are 18 letters in Barack Hussein Obama
    6X6X6 = 214…. Obama Birthday is 1961 Aug 4th the 216th day of the year

    STILL NOT CONVINCED? Remembering that top verse still?

    Obama’s first tax return in office was 66,666.66… google search ( hard to find but doable)
    Obama B-Day is 1961 Aug 4th….Add up all the months starting with Aug the month he was born thru the month he left office Jan 2017…You WILL /Should come to 666 months total


    Obama took a trip to India in 2010. The evil supporting Democrat media went on to brag about the fact that Obama was bringing along on his trip 3,000 federal employees costing the taxpayers a whopping 200 million a day. NOW DIVINE 3,000 into 200 million and you WILL/Should come to 666,666,66….search engine

    What have we been doing?……COUNTING AND CALCULATING THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO THE FALSE MESSIAH/BEAST/ANTI-CHRIST…all the same …satan comes into obama the black beast who is also half man..half beast as Revelation 13:18 God wanted the wise to catch that. WHO ARE THE BEASTS?? See link at bottom please..

    MANY MORE 666 Relations to Obama and 666…to many to list…you get the picture though hopefully. Remember , Obama is from a white and black parent making him a mulatto, those evil ones in Noah’s days…. yes ..BLACKS ARE THE BEASTS OF THE FIELDS BUT CAN REPENT IN JONAH. The evil murdering raoing, drug pushing etc..etc.. negroes are the ” Fallen wicked angels of their leader Satan as described in Gen ch 6 and Jude kjv

  4. Thomas Heward

    I mostly always pray for our upcoming elections for president.

    When Obama was running for president I had a dream of carrying a little lamb all over America and than to Washington DC and the House, Senate and running President.

    While I had those dreams another New Yorker began having dreams of Barak Obama but inside him lived an Anti-Christ Spirit.

    My believing friend than continued to have many dreams of Barak Obama indwelt by an AntiChrist Spirit but I always said He still could be saved. But Obama actually met with Billy Graham after he won the 2nd Term of Office but would not make Christ his Savior.

    So I am big on dreams and have had many of bringing a National Revival to America in 2020 but I also know that one day America will become The Mystery Babylon of Revelation 18 and The Roman Catholic Pope will become militarily powerful and command the destruction of America or Mystery Babylon and Barak Obama may play a role together with The Pope and another becoming A Triune AntiChrist. The Pope also demanded worship or death.

  5. interesting that you have seen “the right hand of Obama” as i have seen the left hand for some months ago.

    at 14th or 13th Aug i had a vision where it was as if “i just knew” that i was in the presence of obama. it was something very evil about it as if he knew my presence too and i almost felt his breath. what i saw was just his left hand and it was totally rotten. disguisting as hell. rotten to the core. green perhaps little brownish too. and it was as if i had been blessed with seeing the definition of corruption.

    i usually share my visions with the tag #dreamsandvisions on facebook

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