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Dream: hunted down by a demon – Kerry-Ann Gidden

Kerry-Ann Gidden

I have just come out of a dream May 21 2018 @ 00:10 and had a demon followed me back in to the natural realm. I understands when Jesus said “man hearts falling them for looking at those things coming upon the earth.”….

I won’t go into the dream much but in this dream I was being hunted down by a demon. He looked like human and act like one but I knew He was a fallen angel. This creature hates me with a passion!!

As I was coming out of the dream I felt someone climbing in my bed. It was so heavy that my bed sunk everytime this thing makes a move. I was fully awake at this point when I saw this thing jump of my bed and crouch down staring at me. It noticed I was awake and it quickly ran away crouching down and vanish right in front of my eyes.

I turned the light on sat up just thinking what in heavens jubliee!!!…. this demon was caught in the natural realm. I had no fear because the HOLY SPIRIT was with me (HALLELUJAH thank you Jesus) but I was not expecting it to follow me out of my dream. The creature looked like a massive dog but now am thinking it looked like a beast wolf!!!

I do not wish for no one to experience this because it can be seriously frightening and scary have I not had the Jesus with me. The Spirit of God covering is very important in this final hour seek HIM. #TeamJesus #Prophetess

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  1. Rita

    About 6-7 years ago, I had an experience where I had a demon dog under my bed for about 1-2 weeks. This demon dog was growling at me and said it was going to get me. I had no fear when I heard it growl. Finally, in the middle of the night, it came out from under the bed and sat there staring at me. I grabbed my lamp and threw it at the demon dog, it then disappeared. A few days later, I had a few people from church to come into my place to pray about this matter.

    A few days later, I was playing a video game. As I played this game, I seen the same demon dog in the video game. I quit playing the game, then destroyed it along with a similar game. I took a knife to the game, so that no one else could play it. I then took both video games and threw it down the garbage shoot in my apartment building. As the games went down the garbage shoot, I could hear the demons scream.

    What a scary experience!

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