Dream: House flooded, Military didn’t allow them to get out of their homes for their own protection – Belinda-Sobia Brown

Belinda-Sobia Brown

February 19, 2019

Last night I had several dreams, but I will list this one and consider posting the other later.

I dreamt that I was standing inside an occupied home. It seemed to be a home on a base with a branch of the military. The family was standing within the home in the living room lamenting the fact that the military didn’t allow them to get out of their homes for their own protection. Rather they were standing inside with waist deep water and the dirty water was rising higher as the river outside was rising. We all heard a crack outside as if a tree had fallen and it resulted in the house shuddering as it became apparent that their lives were in danger!!


A warning either for the military members of an upcoming crisis (war, economic hardships, housing issues, etc.?) and/or a warning of life threatening attacks of the enemy coming at us in the area of spiritual/natural warfare. Either way it is a crisis in either/or/or even both areas. Muddy waters can indicate confusion of the spirit/people/nations. River is a natural flow of the spirit of a person or area, or a life line of some sort (economic, spiritual, social). Being forced to stay in these dangerous conditions indicates that choice is taken away which can indicate judgment of sin, helplessness in a dangerous life or death situation. A tree snapping/falling can either indicate the death of someone (person with leadership abilities, or just a prominent person) preceding the crisis to come or their giving into the situation. Any revelations or thoughts are welcome further on this dream.

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