Dream: House flooded, Military didn’t allow them to get out of their homes for their own protection – Belinda-Sobia Brown

Belinda-Sobia Brown

February 19, 2019

Last night I had several dreams, but I will list this one and consider posting the other later.

I dreamt that I was standing inside an occupied home. It seemed to be a home on a base with a branch of the military. The family was standing within the home in the living room lamenting the fact that the military didn’t allow them to get out of their homes for their own protection. Rather they were standing inside with waist deep water and the dirty water was rising higher as the river outside was rising. We all heard a crack outside as if a tree had fallen and it resulted in the house shuddering as it became apparent that their lives were in danger!!


A warning either for the military members of an upcoming crisis (war, economic hardships, housing issues, etc.?) and/or a warning of life threatening attacks of the enemy coming at us in the area of spiritual/natural warfare. Either way it is a crisis in either/or/or even both areas. Muddy waters can indicate confusion of the spirit/people/nations. River is a natural flow of the spirit of a person or area, or a life line of some sort (economic, spiritual, social). Being forced to stay in these dangerous conditions indicates that choice is taken away which can indicate judgment of sin, helplessness in a dangerous life or death situation. A tree snapping/falling can either indicate the death of someone (person with leadership abilities, or just a prominent person) preceding the crisis to come or their giving into the situation. Any revelations or thoughts are welcome further on this dream.

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  1. Michael

    Good day brothers and sisters in christ. I too have been having dreams concerning the times we are in and I have been feeling pushed to Tell these dreams to those willing to hear.

    I am a 18 year old south African who has been close to the lord since I was a child however through my teen years I felt as if we had grown apart because of my smoking or Marijuana.

    Before I say more let me just clarify something the lord had brought to my understanding before I had the dreams. The lord had led me to believe the earth we are on is flat and motionless however many will disagree and I see it is causing a lot of Christians to fight. It honestly doesn’t matter however when I asked God for confirmation he led me to job chapter 38 which opened up my eyes.

    It all started may of last year when I started learning more about the lord. Slowly he led me deeper into conspiracy theories which I have been feeling are all true. Then around September during my fast the lord sent me a personal dream where I was at a well know family pub which I had known since I was a child. We where drinking outside (in th dream I was around 17- I had just know this for some reason) when I look into the sky and saw there was more then one moon. There where about 12. Some half, some partial and others full. At that moment I knew it was the end times. I ran into the pub where there were people and shouted repent, repent, repent.the dream was even more scary because In the dream I knew I had smoked cannabis so I fell on my face and started praying. The dream ended

    A couple days passed and I had another dream where we were standing in our front yard and I look up at the sky and saw that there was more then one moon again. This time the other ‘moon’ was larger and was bright red. I knew it was the end again and tried to warn everyone to get inside and close up for the 3 days of darkness. The dream ended.

    Again a week or two passed and another dream came to me. This time it was during the day and I somehow was In a ‘school’ with friend I didn’t know and we looked up and saw there were more then one sun in the sky. Then the dream ended

    My last dream happened around November, December. This was a lot more intence. It started off with myself peopled I didn’t know going into a house. Then it sounded like a ball hitting what flat earthers call the ‘firmament’. It bounced once, then we all looked up, a second time and on the third it sounded like it shattered and the sky open up like a scroll. Everything turned red because of the sky now being a bright red color. We started running when we heard what sounded like bombs going off, mountain moving,flash floods where occurring and it was also rain fiary circutry which was burning people.the house fell apart but somehow there was a raft there and my friend got onto it when what seemed like a octupus monster grabbed me and started pulling me down deeper into the water. I looked down at it and it had a pale, dark demon face however it was like the octupus in pirates of the Caribbean. The dream ended in darkness but I knew I was safe in Jesus hands. At no point in time was I scared in this dream.

    Thanks you brothers and sisters in christ. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS US!

  2. Kenneth Heck

    The word “earth” in the bible does not mean the third planet from the sun. Earth simply meant dry land (Genesis 1:10) – originally it meant land without seasonal rain (Gen 2:5). This changed after the Deluge, so that the true earth was considered land where man could live without any technology, or the need to be nomadic. Of course, this would apply perfectly to only a few specific areas.

    As man gained more and more technology he expanded his domain considerably, but continued to call it earth, even for jungle or polar areas. So, your revelation from the Lord is correct, but it has nothing to do with the astronomical facts about our planet.

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