Dream, Pandemics, Zombies

Dream: fire rain, disease outbreaks, homeless, zombies, earth teleported – Paul Sudeep Kavery

By Paul Sudeep Kavery

Dream No:4 (0300-0500hrs Date:17-10-2017)

I was in my home town bhadravati. The place was somewhat devasted by a rain of fire, there was burning everywhere. There were disease outbreaks, people were hungry, homeless, the place was dirtied to the core. It had become a living hell.

Then all of a sudden, the entire atmosphere changed, the whole sky as far as the eye can had changed, it had become like a giant screen of unparalleled depth & magnitude. It felt like Earth itself was teleported to a different place in the universe. What a heightened sense of feelings and at the same time great fear. People were running like zombies here and there with their diseases. But very few acknowledged what happened and were on their knees and praying. They were shouting the name of JESUS in Joy and were crying at the same time.

Dream ends.

By Paul Sudeep Kavery


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