Dream, FEMA, Zombies

Dream: FEMA Camp, people injected with a drug of some kind, it made people like walking zombies – Kay Farmer

By Kay Farmer

Saturday September 2, 2017

I had a dream Thursday late / Friday early morning. I was taken to a FEMA camp inside a closed up “stand alone” Sears store. You went into the front of the store and we’re injected with a drug of some kind, it made people like walking zombies. There was no “light” in there eyes. There was set up an assembly line, and the zombies worked there. Many had disobedience at some point and had arms or hands burned off. You went out the back of the store in the garden department, and into an area with barbed wire. The dead were taken to be inceneration ovens, and the prisoners were whipped and beaten to work on machinery. I knew a lady on the assembly line and she was tired and sleepy, so she was killed. There was no hope and no way to escape. .. sorry for the graphic pictures

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  1. Tony

    I have been shown that there is a literal “zombie” virus/plague made by man with the guidance of the fallen ones. God lead me to confirmation in the real world after the fact. It was more like a human rabies that causes people be animated and energized by thirst for blood and flesh. These people were not slow movies but could run fast and were more like those in the movie World War Z. We must pray and ask God how to stand in such times.

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