Dream: FEMA Camp – Angela Heidebrecht

Angela Heidebrecht

April 23, 2018

A another dream I had about a fema camp.
I was taken to a fema camp it was in America.It was being ran by other countries.There was lots of people there.I was put in a small wooded building about the size of an out house.There was several structures like it thru out the fema camp.I could over hear a couple of men talking and saying they just shot and killed 2 more.Than I was than taken to an area where they were feeding people.A lady came in begging to eat they told her no she was late and she would not get anything until the next day.I saw many people that they feeding a small whole fish.People were so hungry they just tore into them. I was also shown women that were also not american working in protection clothing in the kitchen.I was shown what they were feeding them was poisoned.I saw them dump the scraps into the ocean sharks come but would not touch it and swam away. I saw a red bubbling substance that just floated on top of the water.Than I was outside the fema camp where I saw very large wooden post people where chained to them.The chain was very short all they could do is stand.This was a large fema camp with tall fences barb wire and razor wire. Than I woke up from the dream.


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