Destruction, Dream

Dream: Devastation Everywhere – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

August 11, 2018

From last night!!!

Dream 8-11-18

I was going to post another message this morning, but I had this dream last night and I believe it applies to us all.
I believe it to be spiritual and symbolic in meaning, but very vital!!

Often when I see destruction and devastation in my dreams I see it as literal and I see it among other cities.
This dream came as I looked out over the landscape and saw destruction everywhere!

The land laid waste, it was “Post- Apocalyptic” in look and nearly flattened. It was dark and grayish.

It was then that I noticed I had a very large Angel walking on my right side.
I was afraid to look straight at him but I said “Why are you here with me?”
He said…“I’ve always been here with you, but this time in your life and on this journey you’re going to need me to explain some things to you.”

So we begin to walk, I knew I was in the Spirit.
I begin to see places that I knew … they were DEVASTATED!
Towns and buildings that I had been in as a small boy.
It was terrible the devastation was everywhere!
I remember thinking and weeping, then out loud I said:
“I just want to get home to my people and those that I love to see if I can help them…..they MUST be hurting and suffering and terrified!”

So the Angel and I took off walking on a very familiar road to me.
Finally we reached an area not too far from where I grew up.
I was taken back by the how everything looked, so destroyed.

I saw that I could go NO FURTHER!!!

There was this MASSIVE and HUGE fence preventing me from entering the town….the Gate had a huge black lock on it!

I could go no further and I had traveled SO FAR!!
I begin to weep bitterly as I saw this fence surrounding the area I needed to enter where my family was, my friends that needed help and I wept!

I saw a HUGE LOCK on this massive iron fence. I just stared at it.
It was then the Angel spoke again….

He said…“You have the KEY to unlock this gate…and you were given it a LONG TIME ago and NOW is the time to use it!”

I was immediately transported back in time to when I was 17 years old.
I saw myself weeping at the old country church I was raised in.
I was at the altar, crying and giving my heart to Christ and weeping before the Lord……
I saw myself then be filled with the Holy Spirit and experiencing the power of God in an immeasurable fashion , I recall this experience so profoundly affected me because I knew as the disciples old that I had been endured with power from on High!!

Then, suddenly… I was back at the gate, I looked down and saw a large brass key in my hand that I hadn’t even noticed I had.
The Angel said :
“That Key Marty is the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit….you were given this long ago!!!….USE IT NOW!!!”

I put the key in the lock and I literally heard bars breaking and steel and iron shattering!!!!
I then heard the Angel speak again : “NOW GO !”
I walked through that gate toward my people and my town……

I awoke!


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