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Dream Demonic/Alien Invasion of Revelation 16:13 – Darren Mc Clinton

By Darren Mc Clinton

March 9, 2018
Dream Demonic/Alien Invasion of Revelation 16:13

I had just now woken up from a dream of where I was in a city like New York in a high rise where I looked out the window and saw directly over the buildings these massive UFOs that blocked out the sun for many blocks. I went outside to a stairwell to go to the top of the buildings then saw the top of it. They were a black metallic color, I could hear some people terrified below and then many I saw looking out the window frozen with fear to silence…. Below these ships I saw a circular hole that emitted a blue colored light downward and in other parts of the sky there were other ones flying around that were the same type but triangular shaped also… Even as I right this now my mind myself still cant wrap my mind around this dream because these ships were so unbelievably massive where they in width blocked out the sun of the ENTIRE city but yet this dream was so realistic and the fear was so tangible. I know this was a dream from God because as everytime right before going to sleep I prayed and said “thank you for the dreams and visions of things you allow me to see that are yet to come in Jesus name”…
I know many both saved and unsaved alike dont believe these things are going to happen, but they are. Because aliens are fallen angels that were thrown out of Heaven with Satan and the governments in the U.S. and in the rest of the world secretly works with them!


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