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Dream: Darkness, Judgement & Evil; Aliens/Demons trying to enter into my house – Olympia Morin Hernandez

Olympia Morin Hernandez

May 20, 2018

I had a dream last night of aliens/demons coming down from the night sky trying to enter into my house. I was frightened and trying to get everyone in my house hidden and away from the windows. I knew it was darkness, judgement and evil upon the earth. I woke up knowing it was another warning dream from the Father of things to come in the near future and of course how scary those times will be. I opened my scriptures to seek the Lord about my concerns and this is just a bit from the few chapters I read. To those who don’t consider these scriptures significant I respect your choice to believe what you want please respect mine. These scriptures are not meant for everyone but for those who were appointed to recieve it.

37Behold, the plagues draw nigh, and are not slack.

38As when a woman with child in the ninth month bringeth forth her son, with two or three hours of her birth great pains compass her womb, which pains, when the child cometh forth, they slack not a moment:

39Even so shall not the plagues be slack to come upon the earth, and the world shall mourn, and sorrows shall come upon it on every side.

40O my people, hear my word: make you ready to thy battle, and in those evils be even as pilgrims upon the earth.

67Behold, God himself is the judge, fear him: leave off from your sins, and forget your iniquities, to meddle no more with them for ever: so shall God lead you forth, and deliver you from all trouble.

68For, behold, the burning wrath of a great multitude is kindled over you, and they shall take away certain of you, and feed you, being idle, with things offered unto idols.

69And they that consent unto them shall be had in derision and in reproach, and trodden under foot.

70For there shall be in every place, and in the next cities, a great insurrection upon those that fear the Lord.

71They shall be like mad men, sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord.

72For they shall waste and take away their goods, and cast them out of their houses.

73Then shall they be known, who are my chosen; and they shall be tried as the gold in the fire.

74Hear, O ye my beloved, saith the Lord: behold, the days of trouble are at hand, but I will deliver you from the same.

75Be ye not afraid neither doubt; for God is your guide,

76And the guide of them who keep my commandments and precepts, saith the Lord God: let not your sins weigh you down, and let not your iniquities lift up themselves.

77Woe be unto them that are bound with their sins, and covered with their iniquities like as a field is covered over with bushes, and the path thereof covered with thorns, that no man may travel through!

78It is left undressed, and is cast into the fire to be consumed therewith.

2 Esdras 16: 37-40 ; 67-78


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