Dream: Darkness & Food Operation Control In United States – Anyonomus

Hi, first of all i want to apologize because english its not my first language, I’m from México.

This is my dream:

This dream that I have it’s in the United States because all the signs are in English and not in Spanish, anyway Im in the street I know in my mind that something really bad happend, it was so dark there isn’t a sun in the sky.

Im walking in the street and suddenly I see a lot of hungry people they are very skinny they remind me of the Jewish in the 30s, they was outside a middle building that a have a sign something like FOC in my mind I knew the meaning Food Operation Control. They have all the food in that place, outside the building there was a lot of controls. Like metal controls something like the airport but the thing that really surprise me its a guy like a giant, when i saw that he doesnt give food to that skinny people I explode in anger I beat em up the giant and I passed over him, so when I get in this building there isnt food just a lot of people behind monitors maybe a trap?

Do not have fear to the wicked even if you are alone

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