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Dream: Community’s Forced to take Mark, Re-Educated then Eradicated – Debra Stewart Payne

Debra Stewart Payne

this is a dream that I had July 4th, 2015….I posted it at 4:44 am on that day. it is a number that I see a lot!!!

Just woke up from a crazy real dream……there were military trucks laden down with stuff. They were on a road at the base of a mountain some where in the United States. They drove past one community and just on the other side of it built up a new community similar to a military base. Complete with housing, a mess hall, gym, school and places to work. They divided up the people from the first community…..the elderly, sick, disabled and very young ( under 5) they didn’t take. Some of the people were very familiar to me. They took several of my family members and friends. They put a mark in their right hand, that before it healed looked like a big nail had been driven thru their hand. They didn’t take me nor several others….kind of like we were hidden from plain sight. We were watching these trucks keep coming, bringing supplies. About four of us decided to see what was up. Some how, we snuck over, found a way in. I located my family members……they tried to help us by hiding us from those in authority. But they found us anyway. They forced us to take this same mark in our hands. But it didn’t have the same effect on us as it did the others. They were slowly changing, becoming stronger than mere human strength. They could stay on a treadmill at full speed for over an hour and not lose their breath. The woman that found me out, forced me to take the mark….asked me how I stay so young looking. I told her because I love JESUS. She asked that question before she made me take the mark.
People had jobs that they were assigned to. Lived in high rise apartments. They had to stay active.
One of the guys that snuck over, got into a fight with one of the people that had been brought in. He fell several feet off of one of the stair landings. Medics came and got him, they took him to the Dr and then for re-education.

A voice over the loud speaker kept saying that when this community was completed, then the original community would be eradicated. They were going to fly over it and drop bio chemicals over the first community. Those in the second community would be okay.

I literally woke up as the others and myself were going back to warn those in the first community not to go outside. But might I add, myself and the two others that had been forced to take the mark…..we did not change…..the ones they had gathered just for that community, who voluntarily took the mark did change…..they looked human but were completely void of human emotions by the time they completely changed due to taking the mark.

Not sure if it means anything, maybe it was just a dream…..yet it seemed so real!
( 4 July, 2015 )


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