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Dream: COLOSSAL TORNADO coming!! – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

September 3, 2018 Dream:

Once again last night I had a frightening dream!

The dream started off as me looking out the window and noticing the the skies looked almost amber, and I could smell the rain coming.

I walked outside for a brief moment and I observed all the clouds and strange looking skies around me and it literally felt like there was electricity in the air.

I begin to try to contact my family and warn them.
But in the offing, I could see the storm was approaching fast and it already appeared as though the power was gone as well as all communications!!
I ran to my car to warn my friends and look for my family.

I arrived on location at one of my friends house and as soon as I exited my car I saw this COLOSSAL TORNADO coming!!
Reaching into the Heavens!!
As I watched this huge tornado it seemed to have a homing device set specifically for this friends house.
It would strike others alongside its path, but it became clear it was heading just for her!
Something I’ve never seen in dreams before, this massive tornado would change into the form of a man and then back into a tornado.

Finally the tornado form came to the house and turned back into a man and said to this person….
She rebuked him and said “That’s in the past and I’m forgiven!”
Immediately then he left and once again turned into a tornado seeking destruction.
I lost sight of him….

Then the storms came…..
I went back to my grandfathers house and waited for it to hit.
It seemed as though it would tear the place apart.
Then it begin to pass….but with one last breath, it struck a tree outside and it literally split IN HALF!!
In the background I heard my grandfathers voice, (he passed several years back)….
He said :
“Look at that tree, split right down the middle and that tree was well over 200 YEARS OLD!”

I awoke…….

As I gathered my thoughts this morning at 5:20am, I have to wonder if that tree was symbolic of America?
Split right down the middle and well over 200 years old????


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