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Dream: Charred buildings in Boston, Massachusetts – Ivette Ellis

By Ivette Ellis

March 21, 2018

Dream: Charred buildings in Boston, Massachusetts

On March 19, 2018, I dreamed I was standing in front of a building, which was now a shell, as it was completely hollowed out, and it was covered in black soot. The building looked charred by fire. I knew it had been bombed, as were the other buildings around me.

I turned around and saw a large bridge in the distance. At that precise moment, I knew I was in Boston, Massachusetts. A small group of people were standing on the bridge waiting to gain entrance past a gate on the bridge. Beyond the gate was a building of provision where people could find food and shelter.

I walked toward the bridge. When I reached it, I walked through the crowd. Everyone was dressed in black, ragged clothes, dirty and hungry. When I reached the gate, it was locked.

Then I heard, “You need to pour oil in the receptacle before the gate will open.”

I knew no one had any oil. I also knew they were waiting on me to pour in my oil, so I pulled out a small vile of oil from my pocket and poured it in the receptacle. Then, I looked up and saw tears streaming down the face of a small statue that I knew was Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Immediately, the gate opened and the people began walking through it going towards the building of provision. I heard someone say, “Hurry! You do not want to be outside when it becomes dark.”

I sensed the manifestation of evil will occur when darkness descends on the earth. I also sensed there would be massive physical attacks on humanity when the darkness arises, although I saw nothing in the dream that indicated this, it was more of a knowing that it will happen.


The vile of oil is indicative of those who have a vibrant relationship with Holy Spirit. Those who do, will do great exploits in impossible situations. These “oil carriers” share similar characteristics with Mary, the mother of Jesus, such as: humility, being holy unto the Lord, patient, silently submissive, pure, faithful, highly favored, carrying God’s presence with them, they magnify Jesus, not themselves, and they have drank the cup of sorrow as Mary did when she stood by the cross and watched her son die for humanity.

Additional insights are welcome.


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