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Dream: CERN – Janet Jones Carpenter

Janet Jones Carpenter

Published October 28, 2018

Dream About CERN June 2017 at 5:33 a.m.

I have been trying to get this dream posted now for a little over a week and have encounter one problem after the other. All my dreams are documented as soon as I wake up on my computer. Several of my dreams went missing from my documentation including the one I am about to share with you. The dream occurred in June of 2017. I’m not for sure about the date but believe it was around 5:33 a.m. on the 23rd. My dreams are very real and therefore it makes it easy to remember them. Last week I felt led by the Lord to post this dream but again… there was a struggle to get it done.

It was in the daytime and my youngest son was walking with me down a busy city sidewalk. I had no sense what day it was or where we were. The buildings were made of concrete of plain in color. There were no marquise signs or trash, store advertisements or anything that expressed individuality. It was eerily quiet. Everything was close together and the sidewalks were full of people going to and fro places. There was no socializing. Everyone was dressed the same in bland off white to gray linen like pant suits. The people all walked quietly at the same pace, never looking at anyone or speaking to anyone. They were almost robotic or zombie like. It reminded me of an old movie with Donald Sutherland from the 70’s called “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

My son and I knew we were not like the others and were trying to not draw attention to ourselves. We kept quiet and close to each other. We were also aware of other people in positions of authority that were always watching the people and from unknown sources all around. I knew somehow that the people in authority were not like the other people on the street and were looking for people like me and my son. The people in authority could speak and interact as they chose.

The people in authority captured my son and me and took us to a large building that I understood was either connected to or was CERN. We were placed into a room with a very large two way mirror. The ceilings in the room were around 10 feet tall and had nothing but a table and three chairs in it. Soon, a woman wearing a lab coat with straight black shoulder length hair and pale skin came into the room. She was very calm. She told my son and I that if we would just accept the mark of the beast we could avoid all the suffering that we would endure if we chose to fight the mark. She then said she wanted us to watch what the suffering would be like for those who refused to take the mark. We were directed to look out of the two way mirror. The room on the other side was very tall. I’m guessing it was about 3 or 4 stories tall. There was nothing in the room at all except for what looked like a dentist chair with straps in the middle of the room.

Then we saw two very large men in lab coats forcibly bring a man into the large room and strap him into the chair. The chair was placed into a reclining position. The two men left the room and came into the small room where we were.

The ceiling in the very large room had a huge round mechanical piece that dropped down over the man about 12 feet or so and emitted a bright light. The bright light was painful to the man and we could see and hear him suffer. We saw the bright light pull his soul from his body. The soul was held in place above his body while the machine dismantled his it into floating particles. The particles were being separated. The particles that were good and of God were removed and sucked up into what looked like a black hole in the CERN machine. The remaining particles that contained nothing of good or of God were placed back into the man’s body. The machine’s light then went out and it rescinded back into the ceiling. The two men went back into the room, unstrapped the man and with one on either side of him, assisted him out of the room. The man was still alive but unable to walk by himself.

The woman then looked at my son and me and said the man was now going to be taken to another place for reprogramming. The women then asked me if I had made my decision for my son and I to take the mark. I explained that my son and I would not be taking the mark of the beast. She was still very calm about the entire matter. The two men came and took me and my son into the room large room. I asked why they were bringing my son in with me and she said they wanted him to see everything up close so he would change his mind out of fear from seeing his mother suffer.

While the two men were strapping me in the chair, I remained calm knowing I was going home. They then placed my young son on the floor in front of the chair I was strapped into. I looked at my son and told him that no matter what he saw and heard, he needed to be strong and not take the mark of the beast. I told him that it would only hurt for a little bit and then Jesus would come take us home. I begged him to be strong and told him I loved him over and over again until the time had come for the light to come down over me.

When the machine descended over me, the light affected all my senses. The sense of sound, smell, touch were all gone. The light emitted was so bright I could no longer see my young son on the floor in front of me. I could feel it trying to pull my soul from my body. The pain I felt was very intense and unlike any pain I have ever felt in my life. I cannot even begin to describe it but it was very painful.

Once my son left my sight I began to continually pray for Jesus to take me and my son home. During this time, Jesus appeared to me and said “My daughter, everything will be completely done by” and then he held up a piece of white paper with handwriting on it. The handwriting read “NOV 9”. Then I woke up.


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