Dream: “Avalanche” – Marty Breeden

Dream: “Avalanche” – Marty Breeden


This is a dream that I will not share a great deal of detail about, because much of it was personal.

I saw in this dream a series of events.
They were very severe and dangerous events.
It seemed to start with one and then another,….. yet another….and then on top of another.
Then I saw a huge mountain begin to crack and crumble. I could both see and hear it.
I saw it coming so I had a chance to run.

THEN SUDDENLY the mountain seemed to literally explode ,….causing a HUGE AVALANCHE!!!
Everything in its path was being decimated!!
I saw businesses, churches, governmental agencies and human life being caught under the vast weight of this fast moving torrent of earth!!

I remember at one point …., it was catching up to me, I had this feeling …”I’m not going to make it!!!”

I suddenly found myself under the weight of this muck and mire and debris!!…Completely covered up!

I laid there,……..totally exhausted, … felt I had no run or no fight left within me……
BUT in my heart, I said:

“I’m NOT going to lay down here and die LIKE THIS!!”
I broke through the debris ,got on my feet and started running again…..
As I was running I begin to notice that I NOW seemed to be out-running the Avalanche!!!

Finally I came to a small town, it was safe and unharmed….I walked through the streets and marveled at the beauty and serenity.
I found myself looking out over the most beautiful and placid blue green lake I’d ever seen.
I took a clear deep breath……realizing that I had indeed …MADE IT and survived!!!…

I Awoke……..

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