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Dream: ASTROID – Obedient Walk Ministries

Obedient Walk Ministries

September 5, 2016

Dream in a dream..ASTROID….Mon. Sept 5, 2016….

Dream…in the dream, I was laying in bed and woke up to the today show reporting about ASTROIDs, I said to my husband that’s weird cause the mainstream media doesn’t talk about ASTROIDs coming in..then I went back to sleep in my dream, and dreamed of the news reporting of the Eiffel tower having a near miss of a astroid and it impacted a small town nearby causing lots of damage. End of dream…..

Then I woke up for real and asked my husband when he had turned the tv off and if it was on the local news channel that shows the today show. He said we don’t get that channel at all.


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