Dream: Artificial Intelligence Robots – Limelight Rain

Limelight Rain

May 17, 2018

Dream 2: 5/17/18 6AM Artificial intelligence Robots were already commenced and government has been hiding it, they are in the military too. I saw many flying car or hovering car patrol in my dream. They were like space ship in a car design. I said in my dream this was my dream before its really here! The camouflage was thin up in the sky thats why I saw the car patrol in the sky. It was like 5 meters from the top of my head and I heard music coming from the car hovering above. So I said this was like my dream and I know they have trains here. the train were there. The train was the transportation used by AI’s to practice and get to know the area. I went over the fence and saw many AI Robots dressed to look like a man just resting up on a hill. They saw me. They wore bluish uniform . They looked at me and were amazed that somebody saw them so I got up right away and went back to the fence, to our house. But another AI Robots dressed like a lady and they don’t want me to take a pic so they search the house because it was highly confidential. the ladies they are like the AI who are used for orgys. they are so sexy and wearing only shorts and tank tops. And they looked at me . I took a pic of them secretly and went inside the house. Later 2 guys real person not an AI, knock on our door. He said I would need to search your house. I know already that it was my phone they were after. So I hid my phone and silent it in my purse. The two military men searched the house. I was praying and praying while my hearts been beating so fast, that they will not catch me. To my surprise they just passed by me. All who were found with even a little bit of information, they separate them. They don’t want people to know that there were AI’s built up. My cousin was caught together with his friend. Everyone who has a phone and information about them,they were taking them. And I saw two couple saying goodbye and hugging each other and they were crying as if it was like they will never see each other again. Then the 2 military men escorted them to leave the vicinity and my cousins were carrying all their clothing in a backpack. We asked why are you crying? Is something wrong? Then the wife of my cousin said, they were taking him and he may never come back. all of us look at them while leaving the area. We were all amazed at that very fast event. Dream End…
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