Angel, FEMA


Kerry-Ann Gidden

June 22, 2016

Hi guys I want to share this dream with you that the Lord gave me on June 22 2016 at 04:15 and 05:00.


In this dream the angel of God was explaining the meaning of the word FEMA. He was very clear about his explanation and told me that Obama is lying about what FEMA really stands for.

The angel told me that FEMA stands for “BEHEADING CORPORATE CAMPS” and these camps are set up all over the world. The angel warns that people should avoid these camps as the things that will go on in them will be worse than Hitlers’ concentration camps.

The angel went on further to tell me that Obama has signed away the rights of the American people but the American people do not know this yet..

The dream then ended at about 04:15 because I was woken up by my 1 year old. After attending to my 1 year old, I went back to sleep about 05:00am and the dream picked up were it ended.


As the angel of God begun to warn about FEMA OR BEHEADING CORPORATE CAMPS… The seen changed and I was standing somewhere in America. I saw schools, hospitals and shopping centres that was used as these camps.

People were going in these camps in their hundred because of a destruction that has happened. At first the people running these camps welcome every one with open arms and treated people with dignity and respect…..but after a while these people turn into the most evil entities ever imagine although they looked human.


They offered every one to have an injection containing a jelly like solution in their right hand. They told the people it’s to keep them safe and it contains their details.

Some people took this injection because they were scared. Others where being beheaded and tortured because they refused to get the injection.


The seen then changed and I was standing outside the United Kingdom and the same thing was happening.

I then recieved a phone call saying that I must not go home but should make my way with my family to a place call Telford (this is a real place in the UK)…. The person says that he has paid for a room at a hotel in Telford and that my family and I will be safe.

As we were driving to Telford their where security forces everywhere trying to get people of the streets and usher them into these camps.

We finally got to Telford and as we walked in the hotel the lady at the desk recognised me and gave me the keys to our room.

When we open the hotel room door we were outside in a different place. First I saw beautiful trees with sun rays coming through them, then I heard birds chirping, then I heard loud laughter and talking and as I close the hotel room behind me I then saw people and children in their hundred so so happy saying they have been rescued by Jesus to come here. The dream then ended. #TeamJesus #Prophetess

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  1. Rita

    Several years ago, I watched a video of a man who ended up imprisoned on a FEMA Barge. I don’t remember the whole story, but this man finally escaped.

    Here’s a video here from 2017, of a FEMA Barge kinda like the one I seen

    September 2017 -“Red Alert: FEMA Barges in Texas are JAILS”

    I watched another video of a man who said they were putting people in ‘Shipping Containers’, welding the doors shut, then throwing the container into the ocean.

    If you see FEMA……RUN !!!!!

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