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Dream and a vision about scarcity – Hannah

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Dream and a vision about scarcity

March 18, 2023 8:05 PM

God bless you all,

I had this dream on April 25, 2021

In my dream I am in a classroom, it was in a university. The professor is the same man that I have seen in different dreams. I was called before him. He looks at me and extend to me a wrinkled paper and ten peaches. Five of them look healthy and big, the other five were small and unhealthy. He told me that it was an exam. Applying principles of economics, I had to find a formula on how the small ones could coexist with the big ones without depending too much on them. I did not know what to write. There was a young man in my left side. He had an Indian complexion. My oldest son was at my right side. The young man told me that his brother was an accountant, and he gave me a formula which I refused because it was not practical. My oldest son gave me another formula, but it was not practical either. The word that came to my mind was “cooperativism”. Trying to write the formula I woke up.

Later Holy Spirit told me to be prepared, many families were going to be living in the same house because the scarcity.

On March 3, 2023 I had a vision in black and White.

I climb a steep place and arrive at a bank. I didn’t see any details of the bank or the place, only that I was going to make a transaction and there was a man as if it was a workshop. I think I had seen him other times in dreams. He tells me in English: “There is a shorance.” As I did not understand what the word “shorance” means, I kept walking, but a young girl stops me and says: “What he wants to tell you is that your bank account is at zero.” Concerned I walked out of the vision.

I am retired on Social Security. Probably I Will lose me benefits soon. Blessed the name of the Lord.

In Christ,

Ana Rios (Hannah)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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