Aliens, Dream

Dream: “Alien ships appearing from the heart of the earth by the hundreds if not thousands!” – BJ Brown

By BJ Brown

March 13, 2018

March 11th, Sunday night, I dreamt that I was observing what appeared to be alien ships appearing from the heart of the earth by the hundreds if not thousands! They were similar in appearance to this ship and ascended from rock with the ship on its side as it was propelled out by an ejector system in the rock itself. In the dream I was thinking it was an alien invasion to take over the earth!! Then as I observed, a woman caught hold of one of the ships and ate her way up the ship until she tore a hole into the ship and took a seat in what appeared to be either the flight crews seats or perhaps a passengers seat. She warned/reproved the crew telling them that their ship was flimsy and made out of paper. It wouldn’t endure battle! Then I was shown a section of the ship where thousands of Chinese passengers/workers were tightly seated like sardines and stacked upwards in seemingly circular levels with tiny stairs ascending upwards but reinforced with metal so it would endure the weight of the numerous workers. Very strange dream. END OF DREAM. Normally I would say this is spiritual warfare (though I believe it indicates it some in this dream), but I believe this is warning of WAR!!! There were initially white people in the first part of the dream but later there were numerous Chinese! I could be incorrect but the warning was to those who were in league with aliens (demons) that their warfare wouldn’t prevail (the NWO?). The woman on the ship could have been an angel warning them. I believe I was shown the numerous Chinese would also play a part in this overthrow of the earth which is borne out in scripture where God will plead with the nations who come into the valley of Megiddo. There they shall be slain for rejecting Israel’s right to their inheritance and God’s Word. Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for God’s wrath will surely fall against the wicked!


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