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Dream: alien/demonic/fallen angels: the great deception – Brandon Jay

Brandon Jay

March 29, 2018

Early yesterday morning March 28th The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a very powerful dream and rather interesting dream…In the dream I was at a night time festival with many people; people were everywhere just walking; talking; dancing and just enjoying there times…as I was talking with one person I happened to be drawn to look up into the Sky and saw what I thought was the moon… it was bright like a full moon and circular like the moon yet it wasn’t the moon… I saw as this “thing” began to get closer and closer to the earth, and then I could see detail on its surface almost like circular lines with small lights; kind of like a city on the surface; even though it was out in space it was big enough to where if you payed attention you could see something was off.. others were looking up; yet thought it was a normal bright moon and continued in their festivities yet I knew differently and I IMMEDIATELY KNEW THAT JESUS WAS COMING NOW.. I knew that this was a craft of some sort “alien/demonic/fallen angels” I began to yell: ” YOU CAN SEE IT NOW; REPENT; REPENT JESUS IS COMING; GET READY” some listened at began to look and most continued about their business… This was a very powerful dream and the emphasis was that The Lord Jesus Christ is coming NOW as well as the great deception; many will believe the lie that aliens which are (demons/fallen angels/nephilm) took the many that have suddenly vanished/been raptured… THIS IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL… DONT TAKE THE MARK (revelation 13) ; DONT BELIEVE THE LIE… THESE SO-CALLED ALIENS WILL BE A TANGIBLE AND VISIBLE ENTITY AND SEEM REAL; YET THEIR ORIGIN IS FROM THE VERY BOWELS OF HELL ITSELF! ITS TIME TO TRULY KNOW JESUS CHRIST… THESE ARE THE FINAL HOURS… YES; THE FINAL HOURS FOR THE BRIDE OF CHRIST… ARE YOU APART OF THE BRIDE??


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