Dream: Air Strikes on the Statute of Liberty – American Liberty Falls! – Ambassador-Shawntrell Davis

Ambassador-Shawntrell Davis

September 21, 2016

Dream: 09-21-16 Air Strikes on the Statute of Liberty- American Liberty Falls!

A short but Vivid Dream: I was shown this vision from the Air,
I was taken up above New York City Harbor– There were very thick clouds hovering over this area, and suddenly out of the clouds came Planes and Missiles.
The Missiles struck the Statute of Liberty and she Crumbled and Fell! There were Screams, terror and chaos and it Spread outward!

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  1. hu94579
    Published on Oct 19, 2010
    Blowing up the statue of liberty using a still image adobe after effects action essentials 2 & trapcode particular
    Dont take this seriously
    No one wants the statue of liberty blown up
    Its just fooling around with graphic software

  2. Casey N Ellis

    I had a dream last night of missiles and a crashing airplane also!

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