Dream about Wisconsin – Kirk Yarbrough

Dream about Wisconsin

May 25, 2020 10:45 PM
Kirk Yarbrough

I had a dream last night and/or early this morning while asleep, and the only thing I remember is seeing the state shape & name of the state of Wisconsin. I felt like the Holy Spirit was trying to impress upon me that the next state to fall into a state of strife & confusion would be Wisconsin, and that it would be very soon. This portion of the message was impressed upon me within or upon awakening from sleep.

The following comes sometime before and/or after the dream & not directly connected as far as I know, but indirectly related:

This nation is quickly being divided and many of the people are falling mostly into the hands of the enemy because of a lack of trust & belief in Jesus Christ, the Great I Am.

He also wants me sharing that he is coming back soon, possibly very, very soon, and for his children to be ready to meet him by trusting in him, loving God our Father in Heaven through him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, loving others as ourselves, and also loving others as Jesus Christ himself has loved us.

Repent (change of the mind), turn away from all sin, turn to Him and him alone, live in and walk in the Spirit according to the letter to the Galatians and related passages, be filled with the Spirit always according to Ephesians 5, etc., and walk with the Lord Jesus, serving Him and others, waiting for the coming day of the Lord.

Dream received on 5/25/20.
My name can be used as Kirk Yarbrough.

Kirk Yarbrough

May the one true God & Father Almighty in Heaven above, bless you and give you peace & protection through Jesus Christ our Lord, his most holy and perfect son, our Lord, King, Savior, high priest, brother, mediator, helper, friend, and healer……

Jesus is coming back very soon. Be ready & prepared physically (food, water, etc.) and spiritually (studying & believing the whole counsel & Word of God).



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