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Dream about Trump – Paul Sudeep Kavery

By Paul Sudeep Kavery

Dream about #Trump. Date:31/1/2018 Time: 0200-0300hrs

In this dream, I was invited to a Trump mansion in a far off place, secluded from the outside world. As I began to enter the premises, there were whispers among groups of people whose eyes were upon me, their eyes seemed to be dark and red like wolves plotting in secrecy. That was the ground floor.

As I stepped into the glass elevator, the buttons read , 1st, 2nd & surprisingly there was no button no.3, but instead it read Last Trump.

So I pressed the last Trump button. The elevator began to ascend, As it was a glass elevator I could see what people were doing. In the first floor were all the chosen Trump administration people of his office, they were working very hard in the office, honestly and diligently.

As I passed the second floor, I could see various Christian people, evangelists, preachers, teachers of Bible, prophets, they were all very concerned and praying for Trump administration & America, When I observed carefully enough, a few persons there had the same eyes I saw in the ground floor that is eyes with black and red like wolves.

That is when the doors of the elevator began closing in on me, yes the doors from all four sides began converging towards me, the elevator was barely making progress to the “Last Trump floor”. I couldn’t breathe & passed out.

Dream ends.

Please pray for your revelation from the Lord about this dream

My Interpretation: Trump Administration is last hope for all the people in America to repent in the name of JESUS CHRIST, After he is gone, it’s going to be very hard to be a true Christian, it’s not going to be easy to get rid of evil. My belief is that Trump will barely finish his term until walls around him start closing in , if he does finish , then the prayers of saints in America have been answered, He will be re-elected again. if not.. matters are going to be worse.


Paul Sudeep Kavery.

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  1. Prophetess Dottie

    After the election of Donald John Trump, Sr. as the 45th President of the United States; we began to hear him referred to as: CYRUS (King of Persia– Daniel 10:1) by some Church Leaders, prophets and other Christians. We decided to look up some Old Testament Scriptures concerning this Persian Ruler: KING CYRUS– And why President Donald J. Trump would be compared to this Old Testament “Servant of the Most High God”?? “I (The Lord God) have raised up CYRUS to FULFILL MY RIGHTEOUS PURPOSE” — ISAIAH 45: 13

    And for WHAT “RIGHTEOUS PURPOSE” has President Donald J. Trump been appointed by THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL to serve? Only the LORD GOD knows ALL HIS PLANS for President Trump– and WOE unto the man who fights with his CREATOR– ISAIAH 45: 9

    ISAIAH 44: 25-28

    “I am the ONE WHO shows what LIARS all the FALSE PROPHETS are, by causing something else to happen than the things they say. I make WISE MEN give OPPOSITE ADVICE to what they should and make them into FOOLS. But what MY PROPHETS say, I DO—
    When I speak to the rivers and say, BE DRY– THEY SHALL BE DRY. When I say of CYRUS– HE IS MY SHEPHERD, He will certainly DO AS I SAY– FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT.”

    ISAIAH 45: 1- 13

    “This is JEHOVAH’S message to CYRUS, GOD’S ANOINTED– whom He has CHOSEN– GOD shall EMPOWER HIS RIGHT HAND– and he shall CRUSH THE MIGHTY– I will go before you–CYRUS and level the mountains and smash down the city gates of brass and iron bars.



    Although we DO NOT completely understand nor would we dare to dispute the reasons— WHY Jesus would choose to use a man with NO political experience; a billionaire businessman with personal issues such as Donald John Trump, Sr. to FULFILL HIS RIGHTEOUS PURPOSE– but who are we to QUESTION THE CHOICE THAT THE CREATOR HAS MADE? Taking this into careful consideration; we should be PRAYING much for our President– We should earnestly pray that President Trump will LISTEN to the VOICE OF THE LORD JESUS and FOLLOW HIS DIRECTIONS!! We are living in PERILOUS TIMES! II TIMOTHY 3: 1-6

    “PRAY IN THIS WAY FOR KINGS (PRESIDENTS) and all others who are in authority over us, or are in places of high responsibility, so that WE can live in PEACE & QUIETNESS. Spending our time in GODLY LIVING and thinking much about the Lord.”
    I TIMOTHY 2: 2-3

  2. Scoopie

    Here, in October 2019, looks as if the prophecy and interpretation are true. Chaos abounds, and the walls are closing in on Trump.

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