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Dream about the hard times we are living – Zu


Dream about the hard times we are living

November 29, 2020 9:24 PM

I wanted to share this dream:

I had a dream in October. In my dream, I was on a hill surrounded by mountains of rock. In front of me, I had a hanging bridge, but I saw demons everywhere. I could not see what ahead of the hanging bridge since there an immense fog was and below the bridge, there was an abyss. I decided to cross the bridge, and when I got to the other side, it was clearer, and I still was in a place with a lot of rocks and mountains. Again, I saw demons everywhere in the path, but I saw the Lord in front of me. I only could see his white robe, but in the dream, I knew it was Him. He told me that very hard and dark times were coming ahead, but that I had to endure because in the middle of those hard times, He was coming for his people.

I wanted to share these words that the Lord spoke to me. We are living hard moments, and the demonic pressure is great. We have to resist and be brave since Jesus is coming soon for us!


Your sister in Christ,




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