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Dream About ID2020 – Belinda Wilson


Dream About ID2020

October 28, 2020 10:59 AM
Belinda Wilson

October 23, 2020

My handicapped adult son shared a dream he had with me and I felt the Lord impress upon me to post it:

He was seeking medical attention from a hospital but he was refused because he did not have the “stamp” on his had that allowed him treatments. He said that he saw people dressed in nice clothes everywhere with their arms hanging down beside them and the numbers 666 written clearly on back of hand in digital perfect format in a neat line vertically.

He went to a Baptist Church subsequent to to leaving the hospital and was surprised to see many many people standing in lines and gathered around a large table with small black machines for inserting one’s hand ….right or left….into the box type mechanism to have the micro needles digital “stamp” tattoo type numbers onto the hand. The people here at the Church also were dressed in nice clothing. He was shocked that they all willingly received these markings on the hands.

They were trying to convince my son, who is 34 and disabled with cerebral palsy, to simply put his hand in this little box to get his stamp and then he can get the medical care he needed. He refused repeatedly throwing his hands up and saying no. Then the dream ended.

His interpretation is that this will be widely accepted and embraced by churches and they will promote it.

Ironically, my son is of the Pentecostal faith and not a Baptist. But has always had great respect and friendships with Baptist believers.

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