Dream, Hell

Dream about Hell! – Paul Sudeep Kavery

Dream about Hell!
Date:16:March:2017 Time: 0000~0200hrs
By Paul Sudeep Kavery

Every moment is filled with pain and agony, i felt i was dying but i was not, i felt so ashamed for the sins i have committed thinking it was not sin, i wanted to confess, but there was no energy or control over anything, people living without Jesus itself is a great sin, and the present generation have gone too far away to be saved, they are mocking God now… But while in hell they will beg for death but they won’t die, they can’t escape they cannot run, the pain is perpetual and they cannot get used to pain, every pain is different and its very horrible, this damned place has no end or borders and it is built to last for eternity and eternity never comes! Once the soul reaches this place it’s the point of no return! there is no more saving, no more life, death every second, the pain of dying is what i experienced in my dream, but i was not dead, i couldn’t escape, there were millions of people like this and the area was bigger then earth. There is no escape from here, unending pain for eternity,

We now have this day and a Loving God who loves us dearly… I wish Christians and unbelievers realise these precious gifts of earth and realise the Living God Jesus Christ, without Him we are truly lost in a prison filled with pain for eternity.

As i woke up, i felt such a relief & joy that i have been given a second chance to live on Earth… Not for my self, but for Jesus. In Him i am saved, if i live now for myself i will die in my after life surely, but if i die for Him now i will surely live with Him Forever and Ever.

Jesus fought for you and for me till his last breath, that is unconditional love beyond compare, he could have given up because of pain and torture, but He never gave up, even on the cross He prayed for those who persecuted Him, what a mighty God, he fought the good fight and ran the good race and emerged victorious in the end after His resurrection, we are blessed indeed, it’s in Him we have hope, and without Him there is only pain, absolute pain even after death, there is only pain in the end.

P.S. Heaven is real, so is Hell.
Repent of your sins and turn to JESUS CHRIST while you still have a little time left.


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