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Dream about flood, monuments and towers toppled over in America – Anonymous

Dream about flood, monuments and towers toppled over in America

Oct 17, 2020, 9:57 AM

A couple of weeks ago (Last week of September, 2020), I dreamed that I was in the USA on a holiday with my family. As we were checking for souvenirs and things to buy from the roadside, we’ve heard a crashing sound from all around us. As I lookEd upon my right, I witnessed a gigantic head statue or monument plummeted and crashed towards the ground. A lady approached me and asked what I’ve seen and I told her. She nodded and went through her notes or what seems to be a list of statues and monument that will supposed to be tumbled down. Shes kind of taking down notes of what had already been toppled over. Curiously, I inquired “why is it that you seem to know those things would be destroyed?. “I know because the Lord said so” she replied without a hint of worry nor fright. She mentioned that the monument we’ve just seen from a distance is in Los Ángeles. (I don’t know which city we’re at in that dream).

Destruction was everywhere. Dust and smokes enveloped the atmosphere. However, it was not clear to me what had hit those monuments to crash down.

The next scene was finding ourselves in that lady’s house. Apparently, she invited us over to her place to have a look. Her house was tiny and I got to understand that shes working a blue collar job similar to a street cleaner. What struck me the most about that small home is the painting of the “Last Supper” on her wall. It’s painted in deep blue, but a striking and extremely unique piece of art.

As I peeped through her window to catch glimpse of what’s at the back side of her house, I noticed a body of water or a river. There were people hurrying and scrambling to get out and off from it’s bank because the water was pulling away from it. They seemed to know that the water will rush back to the river bank or towards it’s cliff in full force drowning them and the entire place.

Immediately, I dashed out of the house calling out my family to run and climb up to a higher ground. In a blink, the water came splashing and devouring the entire town while we all parked ourselves in safety on top of the bridge. There was no fear and panic felt from any of us. My dream ended while we’re stuck in a bus terminal waiting for a bus that would bring us back to the city center.

Not sure what’s the meaning of my dream. But I don’t live in America. It’s just bizarre to have a dream about this country and looking so vivid and memorable. I don’t remember most of my dreams but this is an exceptional one.

Let’s pray for America🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.



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