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Dream about Dr. Anthony Fauci – Karen Jordan

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Dream about Dr. Anthony Fauci

January 25, 2023 9:27 AM
Karen Jordan

I received a vision dream about Dr. Anthony Fauci last night about 3am on January 25, 2023.

I was in a house and I saw him walking up the steps that led from a dark basement. He looked like a walking dead person. I came face to face with him. I said these words to him, “What are you going to say, when you stand before God with the blood of the people on your hands? I said these words to him several times. He began yelling at me to shut up several times. He lunged forward and grabbed me with both hands. I looked straight in his face and said, “You are Satanic!”

There is coming a day of judgement for Fauci and others who took part in the culling (slaughter) of people through injection of the “so called” vaccine. They know it is toxic and poisonous. They will be held directly accountable and will stand before God with dripping bloody hands and asked to give an account of what they have done.

I also received words the previous night in a dream vision. These words may have been just for me, but I feel these words of warning could also be applicable to others. I was told,

“That now is the most dangerous time because it seems that God is doing nothing. Stay close and be aware of this thinking. Do not SLIDE AWAY.”

I feel like I need to be extra cautious, and think carefully about my actions and stay under God’s protective wings. Much evil and deception is lurking around all of us. Stay close to God and let nothing pull you away.

Karen Jordan (Truth Seeker)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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