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Dream About a Massive Demon Gang – Immanuel Acree

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Dream About a Massive Demon Gang

January 11, 2023 12:13 PM
Immanuel Acree


I’m with a group of people and we are (for unknown reason) using a docked military-style ship to leave (maybe evacuating) by getting onto smaller craft over the water; I think we were getting into helicopters but this may have been other boats. I am not sure. As we are approaching the gunwale off port bow toward the water attempting this departure, a huge object heavy as a motor cycle or more goes flying at us from behind, from the higher deck of the ship. I look back, amazed that it missed and no one was killed. I cannot see the source, but I become aware that there are invisible demons who are now continuously throwing huge intimidating projectiles like 55-gallon metal containers or even worse, and they are just trying to kill us all. I approach them with a flashlight of some kind, and point it right in their faces from just a few feet away. This allows me to see them translucent and only some of their outlined faces and shoulders etc.

End of dream.


The obvious implication of this dream is that demons must be exposed with Extra light—spiritual insight not usually available in our everyday righteous walk. And if you’re facing near-death or highly damaging incidents in your life, you might want to stop and look for who in the realm of Satan has interfered with your path. They come from behind—blind spots—and have enormous power to hurt people.

The ship speaks to how we are going into phases of progress and activation into the work of the kingdom. Serving Christ is about being ready to travel and use any vehicle necessary to move into the harvest for ministry, and we should be going as a team with highly purposeful unity and mission-focused teamwork.

Blessings to everyone who loves the truth.

Immanuel Acree

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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