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Dream: A Woman Rides the Beast – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

“A Woman Rides the Beast”

February 15, 2019 Dream
(Revelation 17)

I had a frightening dream several times last night and I saw this in several places and cities.

Many may interpret what this is and be right or wrong, I will not attempt to do that.
I am only going to report what I saw:

First a saw a very attractive woman setting upon a scarlet colored beast.
She was adorned with great outward beauty and jewels and fine linens and I saw her riding this beast, FIRST, through New York City.

I watched as people gravitated toward her beauty and were captivated by her, and did not seem to care that she was riding upon a grotesque beast.
Slowly she rode this beast throughout the city and all people seemed drawn to her!
Clamoring to get to her.

I then heard the Lord say:
“Now Look Deeper!”
It seemed then as though I was able to see into the supernatural realm.

I saw beyond her beauty and I saw demons more evil than I could have imagined!!
I saw perversion and blasphemy and mockery of the saints of God and the Lord Himself.
Inside her were entities of the most grotesque things I have ever seen and yet the people flocked to her!

Finally when I could not look upon her anymore, I tried to awaken myself….and just before I did, the Lord spoke again and said:

I fell back to sleep several more times and had the exact same encounter as I saw this woman riding this beast throughout many American cities and would be greeted by throngs of people adoring her beauty and having no idea of the evil that dwelt within her and that she was full of devils!!

As I awoke this morning….
Gathering myself, IMMEDIATELY I hear the stern voice of the Lord say:


I have delivered the message….
My friends, we are much further along than almost anyone would believe!!!

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  1. Gregg W

    Wow. That was a pretty amazing dream. I won’t offer an interpretation but I agree it sure seems we are closer than we think. Thanks for sharing this. YHVH bless.

  2. Saved by Grace

    Since Satan attempts to copy what God does, and in the Bible the woman is the bride, perhaps the woman in this dream represents the unholy or Jezebel, or the glitter of “the world”?

  3. Kathryn

    I have chills from reading this. I get a deep witness. I have been having visions of the destruction of the U.S. and this definitely ties in. The beast is awaiting the moment of being revealed. It is very close at hand but few believe me when I tell them. I bear witness to the revelation you share!

  4. Is this AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

  5. John Hancock

    I should not be answering this but a strange oxymoron persists. The beautiful woman is the roman empire church that is the same institution that put JESUS on the cross. The defeated plan of split foots entire, I am and will be agenda of pride. The same Empire church struts its stuff around the world and especially in the countries that it is acknowledged as legitimate via the governments of the world. The recent union of the Vatican and the Muslim world in UAE is no accident that you have received this specific vision right at this time. The information is available and out there and the players are in place. The fact that the people with eyes and ears to accept and understand the message are limited to a lot of human understanding will befall most of those who seek for the wrong reason. To advance the LORDS kingdom is the only reason for Amos 3:7, self edification need not apply. The beast the woman rides is the UN, PERIOD. As you watch main street assemblies of denominations attach themselves to the Vatican and the associated partnerships of harlotry well spoken of in THE WORD. This that is forming is the religious side of the one world order. All governments have the same three basic functions of ruling their people. Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Thus is the one world order also. The three cities that rule the world for the most part are Vatican, the spiritual executive. London the economical legislative and Washington the judicial. These are actually all considered sovereign countries. The Vatican is in Rome. The Crown is in London and The Mall is in D.C. They all have their sovereign police forces and charters etc… They also all have their very own obelisks. NOT an accident. I know by reading and listening to Marty’s dreams and visions that they are real and JESUS ordained. I also know that like so many others, he does not understand some of the hidden aspects of some of the very things he was shown and has even touched on. None of us have an understanding apart from JESUS! All I will say that you can pick up on if JESUS wills it is, Watch France! You can even start back with the Statue of Liberty and move forward from there. Do not over look the French Revolution and the tentacles that are dominant factors in all aspects of the OWO and the vehicles that get us there. Seek, ask and knock are homework assignments. Not entertainment venues. Thank You for YOU PRECIOUS LORD JESUS!!! John Hancock, tried to keep it simple and non combative.

    • Hello,

      I agree about the influence of the Vatican and that it will be the center of the one-world antichrist religion emerging in the last days. Personally I think it represented in Scripture by the second beast which looks like a lamb (Jesus) but speaks like a dragon (Satan).

      America is, I believe, Mystery Babylon. But prophetic metaphors can have multiple fulfillments or interpretations. I was wondering if Marty’s dream is suggesting this suddenly prominent Congresswomen from out of nowhere (AOC) represents harlot Babylon and thus America?

    • Kathryn

      John Hancock – you nailed it!

  6. Catherine

    Mystery Babylon will be destroyed!

  7. Saved by Grace

    Thank you John for that insight. Very interesting.

  8. Loveth Nwokeohuru

    And the world wondered after the beast

  9. Leah vanray

    At the (satanic) Grammy awards they proclaimed 2019 to be the year of the Woman.

    Complete with ritual song and dance

  10. Julia Eze

    “A woman rides the Beast” means that the Beast Also known as the Antichrist will come from America and America will rule the whole world in the final days.

  11. Kenneth Heck

    For our time, the woman represents the USA, particularly, New York city, where the UN building is located. The USA with UN help has dominated the world since the end of WW II. The beast represents the socialistic/communistic atheistic countries such as China (including others such as Russia with false imitations of Christianity). The beast will, as prophesied in Revelation, attack the woman, as many people have seen in dreams and visions Russia and China attack and defeat America.

    This dream seems to take place in the future after the Russia/China attack, where a new reformulated United Nations (the attractive woman) arises out of the ashes of America’s defeat and is directly supported by the demonic victors.

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