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Dream: A Woman Rides the Beast – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

“A Woman Rides the Beast”

February 15, 2019 Dream
(Revelation 17)

I had a frightening dream several times last night and I saw this in several places and cities.

Many may interpret what this is and be right or wrong, I will not attempt to do that.
I am only going to report what I saw:

First a saw a very attractive woman setting upon a scarlet colored beast.
She was adorned with great outward beauty and jewels and fine linens and I saw her riding this beast, FIRST, through New York City.

I watched as people gravitated toward her beauty and were captivated by her, and did not seem to care that she was riding upon a grotesque beast.
Slowly she rode this beast throughout the city and all people seemed drawn to her!
Clamoring to get to her.

I then heard the Lord say:
“Now Look Deeper!”
It seemed then as though I was able to see into the supernatural realm.

I saw beyond her beauty and I saw demons more evil than I could have imagined!!
I saw perversion and blasphemy and mockery of the saints of God and the Lord Himself.
Inside her were entities of the most grotesque things I have ever seen and yet the people flocked to her!

Finally when I could not look upon her anymore, I tried to awaken myself….and just before I did, the Lord spoke again and said:

I fell back to sleep several more times and had the exact same encounter as I saw this woman riding this beast throughout many American cities and would be greeted by throngs of people adoring her beauty and having no idea of the evil that dwelt within her and that she was full of devils!!

As I awoke this morning….
Gathering myself, IMMEDIATELY I hear the stern voice of the Lord say:


I have delivered the message….
My friends, we are much further along than almost anyone would believe!!!


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