Dream: A.I. Taking Over – Leslie Kiser

Leslie Kiser

July 10, 2018

I had a dream this afternoon just after prayer when I decided to take an hour power nap, which turned into a 2 hour nap. I had been researching A.I. technology this morning (Artificial Intelligence tech) because Putin had made a statement to the World that “Whoever ends up controlling A.I. Technologies will end up ruling the world!!” He then said the coming WW3 will be fought because of gaining control over A.I. TECH. Well that got me researching again. In my research I found again a video like one I saw a year ago but this was a new video with same result. The video explained how nanochips being put into our air, food, water, crops, animals, and people (from what they are spraying on us all in the chemtrails clouds in the skies) were actually changing people into a type of biological robotic mind control entity from the nanochips changing our bodies on the cellular level! Actually destroying & taking over our healthy cells which was allowing A.I. to take over people’s minds!! ***Then I prayed to thank Jesus that I have already been sealed with his truth & that I know no one can ever take the truth from my mind!! Then I took a short nap. ***During that nap I dreamt that I was invited to a house party in the middle of the afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny summer day. As I walked into this house I felt I really didn’t know anyone at all. (Felt like I was an aquaintance neighbor). I looked around & there were mostly kids in first room I entered sitting around. Then I sat down. One of the teenage sons that lived there came in with a bunch of meats he said he found that he bought really cheap. He said bragging that that was the way everybody should shop because he found such good deals. He brought the meats into the kitchen. Seemed like little time had passed because everyone was beginning to eat the food. I thought how strange to serve only fried ham & eggs & some kind of stuffed meat at a party? Someone handed me a plate but I looked at it and didn’t look good to me, it looked strange. Just then two older guys came into the house & into that room with some kind of bongs for smoking pot or some drug? I immediately stood up and walked into the kitchen with a look of disgust on my face towards the guys who had the drugs. I was carrying my plate of food which I began to look at some more & noticed the food was moving like it was still alive!! I saw the young mother at the sink washing dishes and I showed her the food has a heart beat like motion. She ignored me & started talking about how happy she was living in her lovely home with her family. She was acting oblivious. Then her handsome young husband came over and said some kind of snide remark to her. (I didn’t hear it) but knew it w wasn’t very nice. She just looked at me like whatever -whi cares what anyone thinks or does- I’m just happy with my beautiful house. I could see was was like a robot, but a dumbed down robot without much common sense. Then her daughter brought her plate of food to me & said “Look it is moving, you were right!” I said what are all those thick long black hairs growing out of the eggs?? I pulled on them & the yellow part (yoke- baby chic part) of the egg with the hair on it separated from the white part ( pure protein part) & it was beating like a heartbeat. Then I saw something white sticking out of one end of the stuffed meat & I pulled it out & saw it was intestines with a heartbeat!! The fried ham was beating too, like they were alive. The mother remained oblivious & the daughter just said I’m not hungry anymore & all the boys at this party said we should have tried it because it was really tasty. They had eaten all of theirs. Then I woke up. I felt as if God was showing me what is slowly effecting the younger generation of Millenials & even their parents (ages children-30’s) that didn’t have the truth of God already sealed in them because of these nanochips in the details (A.I.) taking over their minds.

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