The Dream: The Lord took me to a small lake connected to a stream the was a dock w 3 church women standing huddled together in a bunch they were looking at the lake like zombies no smile’s just cardboard serious no joy stuck up they represent the Jezebel spirit in the church both men and women I was standing behind them I felt they knew I was their and that they just didn’t want me there at all they just ignored me rejected me and wanted me gone I notices that each woman was wearing a sweater of different colors each one had on black pants

The sweater’s mean comfort the color’s of each sweater one was wearing a yellow/white striped sweater another wore a red/white striped sweater the third one wore purple/white sweater as we stood on the dock the water began to sway move back and forth til the dock began to wove and waves were forming debre began to float in the lake water the 3 women just stood there frozen huddled together in a bunch faces like zombies scared not moving not one word looking like stone just evil keep in mind these are Christians

All of a sudden a huge wave came up and grabbed me pulling me in as it did the women seemed happy relieve as if to say good she’s getting hers let her suffer let her drown They all kept huddled together in a bunch with the same expressions I could read their thought’s on the dock was a life saver donuts those 3 women darn not help they dare not throw it no one bothered to save me or help I was now in the middle of this lake looking at them on the dock as it moved violently they just stood there looking at me no love no compassion just evil

As I floated in the lake there were huge waves cars floated by tires, trees aligator’s that triped me out I began to go under water I could breath I could see all the junk the aligator’s swam around me I dropped down 30ft I saw at the bottom Pastor’s a huge Choir with the Choir Director the Pastor preached the Choir sang as the Choir Director lead not even caring they were drowning all of them were wearing robes including the Pastor’s the color’s were black and gray

Black means death the gray means sickness illness it was like they were all blinded to the condition they were in no one noticed I swam past them as I did an Angel of The Lord began to part the water’s for me I saw the ground of the bottom of the lake on each side of me was a wall of water some 30ft plus high I walked out the water to the dry lake bed as I did the Pastor’s Choir and Choir Director kept singing unaware of the way of escape The Lord just made I walked back up to the dock the water closed in behind me leaving Pastor’s and Choir with the Director under water

The 3 church women were still on the dock looking like zombie’s no joy blank faced huddled in a bunch together I felt a spirit of surprise that I made it they thought how did she do that The lake still reeling back and fourth then a huge wave came and pulled the 3 women in they did blink still huddled together in a bunch still zombie faced they looked at me I throw the life saver in to help them they didn’t care didn’t grab for it I felt they were scared frozen with fear the current swept them down the lake into the stream with all the debre they did nothing

The meaning of the dream the 3 church womens spirit represent the Jezebel spirit & spirit of pride and of haughtiness they care not for the suffering of others but stick to thier own kind which is what most demons do these women represent the mother’s of the church and the mocking self righteous spirit they carry they rather feel the need to show God’s love his light in the church during others time of need and struggle they are of no help to other’s let alone themselves

The sweater’s each woman was wearing represents comfort in attitudes belief systems not of God’s word The yellow/white sweater is a false faith rooted in sun worship pagan worship of false God’s kundalini, middle eastern practices in the church or Chrislam no light or spirit of God is in that person nor is bible scripture they think everyone serves the same God that if I do good work’s surly that makes me a Christian some are the chaff which Satan himself plants

The next sweater the purple/white represents christian who knows the holy spirit the word but still cast judgments will not help a soul will reject anyone not like them very critical of other’s faith The Holy Spirit somewhat uses them when he can this person knows the truth but cares not to help nor save a brother or sister in need they say rely on God he is your help yet it is within they power to help the word isn’t producing seed in their shut up shutdown Christian life IGNORING GOD’S WORD whole word taking what they choose

The 3rd sweater the red/white represents the not saved at all Christian they live like the world act like the world they love sin and Satan is their master not Christ sure they go to a bible study they may sit in church every Sunday but they have not cast off the world nor repented of sin and are void of any kinda of Holy Spirit they can help no one church is a feel good place of experience not an encounter with the Holy Spirit these are the tares Satan sows in the church some of them are agents of Satan

All 3 women wore black pants which is a sign of spiritual death comfortable in their sin their beliefs not seeing the death that will drown them washing them away with all the debre which is how God see the church a mess no1 want’s to clean up or help save Nor are they willing to help a brother or sister in a time of troubles some of you take pleasure in the suffering of other Christian’s you act as if they don’t belong with you or around so blind are you to the suffering or the needs of other’s that you yourself drown sinking in your sin’s ignoring the signs the help God brings

But a wild ox is easier to steer than my people called by my name the Pastor’s are drowning with the people they are sent to lead yet they keep preaching a message a word not fit for a King our King Yahushua it is unpalatable to him and like vomit before God the Choir and Director’s alike are weighed down by sin music that honors Satan not me sexual sin is rampant in my Choir’s and some of you Director’s are homosexual’s and you let sodomy dwell with my Choir’s sin left unchecked leads to more sin like bad yeast

Your sound is muffled I can’t hear you because of your sin’s because of your abomination’s

I am Holy a God who is Holy and I cant allow you to keep going on tainting the rest of my flock The Pastor’s are muffled before me drowning weighed down by sin being washed away by sin a goat smells better than you tables full of vomit cups clean outside but full of filth inside bones of a dry dead man not full of my life I will make away for my lost sheep I will gather them those you have rejected those you see drowning I will place them back on dry steadying foundation a rock that can’t be broken away through the Red Seas of life

I Yahushua am coming quickly troubles and judgment has begun in the house of God and if we barley obey and do the gospel where does that leave us the believer during judgment day with sinners I WILL WIPE AWAY SIN FROM MY HOUSE MY PEOPLE ENOUGH ENOUGH OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS YOUR STUBBORN WAYS


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