Dream: 12 year old, “Jesus said protect the bibles. Protect the truth!!!” – Toyah Love

Toyah Love

April 24, 2017

My son is 12 he has autism and he never comes in my room at night he just came in and got in the bed with me said he had a dream about God and his exact words were “Jesus said protect the bibles. Protect the truth!!!” he said God showed him Daniel being protected in the lions den. I’ve never even said anything to him about the story of Daniel and we don’t attend church at all. Omgee

Below is current news on possible ban of selling of bibles in California

California Pro-Homosexual Bill Will Ban the Bible

The California Assembly has passed a new bill, Assembly Bill 2943, which will ban the sale of the Bible. Yes, you read that exactly right. The sale of the Bible is about to be made illegal in the state of California. And the vote wasn’t even close – the bill passed 50-18. It heads to the Senate next, where it will certainly be approved, and then to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, where he is certain to sign it.

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Bible Ban? Calif. Fast-Tracks Bill Aimed at Censoring Biblical Christian Teachings

AB 2943 is only triggered when money is being exchanged for ‘sexual orientation change efforts,’ and there is no exemption for religious institutions or religious material,” he continued. “Could that include selling Bibles? Possibly

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Comments from Jenni Haan

This could have a couple different meanings.

A literal protect the bibles as in what is happening in CA

Also he said protect the truth. Scripture defines truth as Gods instructions/law/ Torah. If we dont have Gods law we are lawless.
Jesus has very harsh words for those who “practice lawlessness ”

Something to consider….. if the Devil has tricked us and perverted us into a doctrine that says Gods law has been done away with but scripture defines Gods law as truth…… maybe that is the truth we are to guard and protect. It is to me written on our hearts.

Something to consider.


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