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Dream 1/1/18: Asteroids falling from the sky with long red tails – Ivette Ellis

By Ivette Ellis

Dream 1/1/18: Asteroids falling from the sky with long red tails.

On January 1, 2018, I dreamed we were in a bunker and I was in the shower. The shower had a small window in it. As I was about to get out of the shower, I looked through the window and saw many asteroids falling from the sky with long red tails behind them.

Suddenly the scene changed and I was suspended above the earth watching a massive meteor racing really fast toward earth. Then I was back to where I started, and was getting out of the shower where I found my husband waiting on me. We decided to leave the bunker.

As we were walking, we saw three distinct groups of people exhibiting three distinct types of behavior. The first group were staunch religious people. They asked us what had just happened. We began to explain to them the events by using scriptures, but they repeatedly told us, “We’ve been told we would not suffer during the tribulation by our pastor.”

They became very angry with us and began cursing at us, so we left. We encountered another group that began celebrating. Singers were on a stage singing and dancing. The crowd was cheering them on as they drank, heavily.

The last group we encountered were youth. They were the only receptive group in that they began asking us questions and were genuinely interested in what scriptures revealed about our current circumstances. End of dream.


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