DRASTIC CHANGE! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen


Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen


Hello my dears!

There are things to learn,
the rather off course one
can throw.
And why can they do that?
Because we are not in the will of GOD!

We are at a time
when GOD is pouring out his blessing.
even our enemy, Satan, is active!
And what does that mean?
Satan knows the blessing that GOD has
for us and sends blessing to his blessed

Oh woe anyone who
does not recognize that!

But GOD is gracious and send us WARNINGS!
We are well advised
to recognize them and to react to them!

I got warnings from the first moment
in numbers – 112!
Everyone in Germany knows 112 = emergency call!
Within a week, I received several
112 houses, cars, and sirens.
Yesterday I got one, first, good news.
But the longer she worked, the
fatter she tasted, and I had a dull feeling.
I hardly slept and this morning sickness, diarrhea, rash, completely out of God’s peace and the knowledge:
NO! that does not work, that’s not good for you!

I prayed about it!
And in prayer I got 1 kings 12!

A dear sister wrote to me that in a numerical meaning means godless and even more in that direction!

I then made nails with heads and quit and said
what was left in my life!

And what can I say:
I’m fine so far and
I have inner peace again!

So, let it be said:
CAUTION against Satan’s likeness!

Here’s the word
that I got tonight :

MY child,
hear the word of the LORD, O LORD!

Beloved Maid,
thus says the LORD, the LORD of the HOLLY!

Oh, dear maid!
Things are changing drastically!

Massive changes are happening all over the world!

Once to absolutely GOOD
once to absolutely BAD!

Yes, it is now more than obvious and many see themselves in completely new situations!

What was sick long ago
is suddenly healthy!
What has long been a worry,
is suddenly free from any pressure!

But it is also the other way round!

What years carefree and debauchery lived,
falls into sickness, depression and anxiety!

I, the LORD,
now let many experience that
I – and only ME
alone – can and will change
things quickly in a moment!

So be ready
and watch!

Transformation to the GOOD
and to BAD is now!

That says DER,
which means AMEN!


Isaiah 3: 15 + 26

What comes to you to crush my people and crush the wretched?
is the saying of the Lord Yahweh of Hosts.

And her doors will sigh and mourn, and she’ll plunder on the floor.

Jeremiah 5: 2 +

20/21 But even if she lives, “As Yahweh lives!” say, so they swear wrong.

Proclaim this in the house of Jacob, and exclaim in Judah,
Hear ye, ye foolish and incomprehensible people, having eyes, but not seeing, having ears, but not hearing!

Hosea 12: 5

Yahweh, the God of armies, he who is called Yahweh

Oh, oh!
Clear warnings to all of us!

GOD protect you all!


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