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Double Tsunami: California destroyed beyond recognition – Moriah

Double Tsunami: California destroyed beyond recognition

Nov 14, 2019, 7:09 PM

Nov 8, 2019 — California Tsunami Dream l had occurred about 3 am. I have experienced many prophetic warnings many times in my life, and I was given an intense warning dream.

When the dream began, it was a very ordinary, peaceful day. No sign of trouble anywhere. (I asked someone where i was, and they said ¨California¨.)

I was looking toward the ocean when I saw a massive wave rising up, heading toward a City which could only have been in Central or Southern California from the description.


People on the land seemed totally unaware of the massive wave at first, but suddenly they noticed it and began to run for their lives, screaming in panic.

The wave was as tall as the skyscrapers and it hit with enormous force, toppling the buildings into one another…crumpling the entire city and its inhabitants in mere moments. They had no time to pray or repent. It was utter panic and cataclysmic destruction!

But that wasn´t the end of the dream. Soon there came ANOTHER Tsunami that ¨finished off¨ the city completely—washing away the leftover destruction and floating bodies.

California was apparently destroyed beyond recognition.

There was apart of the dream where I had seen a demonic possession, and as people were praying I remember feeling a very eerie feeling because it was staring at me the whole time I remember the feeling being really intense as this isn’t the first dream of demonic possession I’ve had – Anyways after the demon was delivered, or was it? I remember still feeling the eerie presence, and woke up there after.

The overall scene in California was one of chaos and End Time calamity. Whether this will happen ¨before or after¨ the Rapture is uncertain.

The Tsunamis will come suddenly without warning on a peaceful day.

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  1. Ireland Marie Johansson

    Tsunamis are coming that will change America and the world forever.

    East Coast – The Kali image on the Empire State Building led to the pink lights of the Gov. Cuomo live birth abortion laws. This is for the fetal tissue the elites want. Jeremiah 51 says, “The sea shall come up over Babylon.” Look at a map of Long Island. There are three towns: West Babylon, North Babylon and Babylon. The tsunami will hit off of the Captree Basin. There was a warning with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which hit very close to Babylon. 

    West Coast – After the trial of The Two in San Francisco for recording (undercover) the sale of aborted body parts. Instead of stopping this wickedness, the full weight of the state and federal government is coming against the journalists who revealed this abomination. We have learned that live aborted still-beating hearts of babies from abortions were used at Stanford University Medical School for “research.” Stanford is the center of the Deep State and has been in play in various ways since the 49er Gold Rush.



    After the trial in San Francisco of The Two is completed, the tsunamis will come. There will be a world-wide earthquake that shakes the entire globe. There has never been an earthquake like this. The scientists won’t be able to blame it on “climate change.” 

    The U.S. dollar will collapse. Saudi Arabia  and the U.S.-Saudi petrodollar will be judged for funding ISIS in Syria to kill Christians. You can see this curse in action with the failed Saudi Aramco IPO, the emerging 9/11 lawsuit of the surviving families, the loss of the war in Yemen (with the terrible famine and cholera) and Kashoggi live-murder revelations. The valuation of Saudi Aramco for the IPO is way down. It is doubtful Saudi Arabia can take the new oil and gas fields in Yemen which they have long-coveted. Yemen should be one of the richest nations on Earth, instead of one of the poorest. Look at a map, in effect, it is a part of Arabia.

    If you look on Youtube.com, many, many prophets are having these tsunami dreams. (And global earthquake dreams.) Black people. White people. People in Australia. People all over the world. 

    Sandy, Rita, Katrina, Harvey, the 2004 Asian Tsunami and Fukushima were all warnings.

    Pray and fast. Come out of the world. Look at all of the failed face surgeries. Look at the iPhone addiction. People are tainted. Hollywood is losing its power. America is losing its power. People are being turned into robots. God must shake the world, literally. If God does not do this, almost everyone in the world will go to hell.

    After the global earthquake and tsunamis on America’s East Coast and West Coast, millions will turn to God, Jesus Christ and the Angels while on their hands and knees in shock and in repentance. 

    California is burning now. The governor recently signed a bill to mandate abortion on California’s college campus grounds. This will lead to murder, guilt, drug and alcohol abuse and regret for many young women. It will also lead to a great deal of fetal tissue for the abominations and experiments the elites wish to continue. For your prayers – his name is Gavin Newsom.


    Gov. Newsom and Gov. Cuomo have signed death warrants for their respective states. Liberals love these two white men – ask yourself why?

    God will not be mocked. America once stood for Christ. Now it stands for something that would terrify our grandparents. The destruction of New York and California will all but destroy America’s main engines of growth. The floods in the Midwest have ruined our crops. The signs are coming together since the eclipse of 2017. There is an acceleration of events.

    It’s coming.

  2. trisha


    The NEXT 9/11 episode 9 – I Pet Goat 2 Absolutely Solved Part 3

    important dates nov 21-23 2019. maybe a bit beforehand around nov 17. it talks of tsunamis on east coast, nukes , ac and trump etc. and the timeline of the next 911 events part 2.

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