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Door & Corridors

April 17, 2020 11:27 AM
Watchman Marah

Hello Family in Christ;

I feel a need to share a dream from early 2014, I think…. Sorry I do not have my journals with me, as all my stuff is still in Pensacola.

In this dream I was in my back yard trying to bring in my motor scooter, when I looked over to the back of the yard and everything was changed. It was like a world of back doors and alleys! There were men and women walking up and down the alley aimlessly. There were no children, no animals, no bags or packs, just people trudging through snow. Which seemed a little unusual considering it was summer. All I saw were the backs of houses and the backs of stores and companies.

Finally I stepped inside and called my older son. He came and looked out and saw what I was seeing. “What is this?” He asked rather loudly, and suddenly all the people stopped and looked at us and started running for our open door.

We quickly backed into the house, but it was too late. We turned to see an open corridor running through our house with these people walking through it.

*End of dream*

The bible speaks of a place where demons must go, when they are cast out. Kind of a wilderness where they just wander…
See Mat 12:43-45.

I have many dreams also of traveling Gods corridors. I would enter from one place and exit to a different country, state or continent.

I had all sorts of missions that involved the corridors. But I have never seen a demon there. Doors are used symbolically in Christianity concerning demonic activity or God’s blessings and opportunities. Spiritual doors are to be kept closed to demons, because they look for a door to enter.

If you wish to discuss this further you can
Catch me at RUDauntless@yahoo.com.

Blessings in Yeshua,
Watchman Marah


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