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A Message For All Those Who Sleep…

December 11, 2022
Jessica  Smith

🔥 A Word from the LORD, “Don’t be a Martha. Be a Mary. Keep your eyes on JESUS. Come into the Secret Place and let the world fade away. It’s all that matters now.”

The time is short. All that matters now is intimacy with God. All that matters now is getting your lamps filled with His oil so you do not miss the boat!

He warns us not to become like the 5 foolish sleeping virgins. Those 5 had filled their lamps. They were waiting with anticipation for the coming of Jesus. But He delayed, so they slumbered. They got lazy and distracted. They were left behind and could not enter because they had no oil. The door was shut and they were locked out… all because they slept instead of being in God’s presence.

This is a very unpopular message because it scares people. They can’t handle the truth, or the fear of God. So they make up a soft, false Gospel that teaches sin is ok, everyone gets to heaven, once saved always saved. But this is a dangerous lie. And God just told me this morning to reshare my “DON’T MISS THE BOAT DREAM”. This is a message for all those who sleep…

🔥 A dream from God!


In a dream several years ago, I saw a Ship with many sails. This boat was on fire with the unquenchable flame of God. It was larger than Earth, sailing upon desolate black nothingness like the sea… it was the great and mighty ship of the everlasting LORD, navigated by Him alone.

It symbolized the ONLY way of salvation; the ONLY way of being saved from torment and from being forever lost in the vast darkness. The boat was on fire and the fire was GOD Himself.

In this dream, the boat only came by once. It only passed our time, space and earth ONCE. It symbolizes our ONE shot in this ONE life at getting it right.

This flaming ship did not come to collect the mortals, it came by and the mortals had to catch that boat. They had to jump on that boat themselves or they missed it and were forever lost. It was like the Ark… the only way to be saved.

The instructions on how to get on that passing boat and NOT miss it were given on earth through the Bible, prophets & JESUS Himself… still multitudes ignored the instructions and MISSED THE BOAT! It was horrifying to watch.

The outer darkness was like outer space, but different, and it split apart like water before the mighty flaming bow of this great ship of God. The darkness burst into flames before that blazing ark; so there was a ring of fire around the ship and a trail of fire behind the ship.

This mighty boat of God… this flaming ship came sailing upon the face of the great deep to make its pass by earth once… ONCE! We had ONE chance to make that boat. We had ONE moment in time to catch that boat. But we had an entire LIFETIME to prepare for it.

God had sent His SON, the BIBLE, teachers, preachers, evangelist, pastors, prophets, and ANGELS to show the way, to strengthen, to encourage and to teach how to catch that boat. But STILL many missed that boat, even Christians and including some of the ones who taught us how to get there. I saw this in the dream.

This dream was mainly about the Christians who missed the boat. Once saved always saved is a lie. The bible says you must work out your own salvation & those who endure until the end will be saved. The bible also warns not to let anyone steal your crown, so on.

ALL of life on earth was about that ONE moment, which I believe is the moment we die, or when Christ returns… whatever moment our time on earth is done.

I clearly saw that eternal life did NOT begin until you made that boat and it took you into the realm of eternal life.

I was viewing the dream from the temporary realm of darkness where we all are now… a view from space. I saw that once you missed that boat you are left in the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, never to see life or light again; a place where the fires of hell are never put out. A place where you are forever and ever separated from God with NO hope of another chance. It’s dark, lonely & painful. Forever doomed and condemned to torment, desolation, terrors, death, and suffering beyond comprehension.

In the dream, I saw that great ark/boat of fire come sailing past the earth. It did not orbit around the earth, but passed the earth and it happened very quickly.

When this boat was near the earth, people started running toward it. These were people who believed in Jesus, but MANY did not even make it onto the boat.

I had been off and on in tears the whole day of this dream. I was in the FEAR of the LORD!

It was very difficult getting on that boat and we all had ONLY one chance… ONE! Those who didn’t make it were those who procrastinated preparing for it, those who were in sin, those who were not ready, etc, those who had NO oil in their lamps. They were easily distracted & forced off the path by demonic assignments.

As the people were running toward the boat, there arose many, many demonic beings who came against those who were rushing for the boat. In many various ways they were hindering people. Demons were grabbing people’s feet from behind and pulling them back. I saw as people were running their course toward the boat of God these large massive demons would run at them from the side and crash into them and knock them off their coarse; they knocked them off the path as they were running toward their goal. They did not get back up in time to catch the ark.

Some of the people who didn’t make it were Christians too intoxicated with sin to even see straight, let alone make it to the boat.

Some people were able to jump on the boat at the right time, but many missed it. Those who missed it were chasing it as it sailed away toward everlasting life, leaving them all behind. They were trying desperately to catch it before it passed through into eternal light.

It reminds me of Noah’s Ark. Once the doors were shut that was it.

In the dream I saw that once the boat passed, that was it, but people still tried desperately to catch it before it disappeared forever in the realm of light. They were in a desperate panic at that point as they realized that they would never see eternal life or heaven or God; dread of terror was gripping their hearts as they understood that God rejected them because they had not done right. These were Christians who knew the truth, but did not live the truth, did not receive the warnings to turn from their wick ways. They were destined to catch the boat, but they missed it.

Once the boat passed from outer darkness and crossed that threshold into the eternal life and light, it was gone to them forever. They wept & gnashed their teeth in agony & despair.

I watched in this dream as the mighty ship of fire navigated upon the outer darkness and crossed through the spiritual threshold into a place where there was no emptiness, a place where there was beauty and glory, a place of everlasting life and light… it was more than just heaven. It was eternal Light and Life. Itvwas love & peace & joy unthinkable. Holy pleasures & everlasting freedom from sin, death, destruction & the devil.

There is only two places to spend eternity. In darkness or in light. Eternal darkness is torment. Light is God & all good things are with Him.

The people who were left, who missed the boat, could not follow the boat there to that place. They could NOT cross that spiritual threshold, but were forever bound in the darkness. The only way to get there was by being on that boat! The boat was now gone and they were left. There would be nothing for them ever again but desolation and that empty darkness forever. This is a HORRIBLE THING!

I watched the boat pass through and leave this dark realm. I felt as if I had been left as well, because I was watching from a perspective above and behind the Earth (I wasn’t really IN the dream, just observing it), so I was able to experience all the terrible desolate emotions and terror of being left. God did this on purpose so I could explain and to warn me as well. I want to tell you that it is the most terrifying feeling there is in all of existence. This dream has changed me.

Being left without hope forever is a terrible, horrifying thing. We must seek God while He can be found.

You better tremble! You better FEAR the LORD who can cast your soul in Hell! You better do ALL you can to make it. Godly sorrow leads to repentance. Let the fear of God and godly sorrow have its good work in you. Pursue the heart of God and seek the face of Jesus.

The way to catch the boat is found in the Bible. Do not seek in the doctrines of man or false prophesy. Seek in the Word of God and in the Holy Spirit! Seek through prayer and personal relationship with Jesus.

The artwork is a digital piece I made inspired from this dream. [Click link below to view]

~ Jessica Smith

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